Instamix: Personalized Item, Decals & Sunday Laziness

Hey everyone! Here’s a late weekend update, so let’s just hop right into it. =)

I have been on and off on getting a personalized necklace for a few years now. Finally I just decided to go for it and found an etsy seller. The shipping was quite slow but that could mean that the item had to be made first, then ship. The seller has a ton of different name script designs as well as those initial cutouts that I see everyone wearing.

Then I was at Target to pick up a few things and I bumped into an area with all the wall decals. I typically wouldn’t think too much of it, but then I saw this dandelion design and love the whimsical look to it. I didn’t know where to put it while in the store then remembered that I wanted to give our bedroom a little facelift and thought that this decal would be a perfect backdrop above the bed.

Saturday, I had a wedding near Baltimore and the ceremony was near a Jimmy Johns place. I decided to hop in prior to the reception to grab a sub to go. This would be my second time at the place and so far, I am liking the subs there. I wish there was one closer to me though. =D

Then Sunday, it was such a dreary day that hubby and I woke up late. We decided it was the perfect day to head out for some dim sum. Mmm mm.

Since it’s late in the day, I’m sure all of you are counting down to last few mins of a Monday. =) I am counting down to this weekend though where I will be heading out to Philly on Thursday to help my sister prep for her wedding this Saturday! I can’t believe that she is getting married. This is one wedding that I have been looking forward to all year. =) Alright, thanks for reading everyone and hope you have a great one!


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  1. I love the daisy wall decals. It simple and yet so romantic and dreamy. It’s perfect for the bedroom.

  2. thanks! altho they are more dandelions than daisies. =D