Instamix: Summer Heat, Georgetown Fun & Petsitting

Hey everyone! What a week that feels like two weekends combined into one. The past couple of days, I had two furry friends come visit me and stay for several nights, which was always fun. Let’s get started with the updates.

Petsit my friend’s little yorkie and already wants a belly rub – lol.

For 4th of July, my friend Linda invited us over to try a recipe very similar to In n’ Out – was pretty mouth-watering. Then we watched some fireworks on the rooftop afterwards.

The next day, decided to take the rest of the week off and headed to Georgetown DC with my good friend nearby to try out some macaron from Paul’s bakery. The gigantic ones were good but more cake-like texture than what I’m used to in the smaller ones. I think I’d prefer the smaller size better.

The main reason for heading to Georgetown on a mini date with my friend was to have some Serendipity 3’s frozen hot chocolate. First time I had it was in Vegas and was just as good. The place was quite roomy and have the same type of vintage-y decor.

Got to petsit an adorable 4-month old shih-tzu which really tugged at my heart strings. I’ve been wanting a pet for so long but until I know where we will be settling down, I don’t want to get one just yet. My last family pet peke passed away 4-5 years ago after being with us for 11 years. I still miss her to this day. Petsitting is fun and helps fill the void in the meantime. =)

I am currently going through some changes in life and changes I want to make, so seeing this fortune this past weekend was nice to help confirm some things. =)

That’s it! I hope you all enjoy this week. Thank goodness the heat has simmered down over here enough to be breathable. It’s about 80 degrees or so and I am ok with that – lol. Thanks for reading everyone!


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