Instamix: Pocono wedding, fave hangout and Nordies Rack,

Hey everyone! This weekend has been one hot one and I have a lot of things going on this past weekend so I’m just going to jump right to it! =)

Saturday started off with a wedding two hours north of my parent’s home in the Poconos. The area was so pretty and that cake topper has to be the most unique so far. =P

Sunday, met up with a client at a mall nearby and on my drive back to parent’s home, I saw my fave Pittsburgh hangout place! I almost love to come here during happy hour for some great wings – san francisco flavor is still my ultimate fave. =D

My dad and brother are both perfectionist and when it comes to cars, even more so making sure all cars are always immaculate. So it’s almost embarassing bringing my car home from time to time for some necessary cleaning & waxing. I even found missing makeup! Now I know to look under the car seat if I ever lose them again – lol.

Also I unknowingly missed out on the DMV storm which did quite a damage around the area. Didn’t have electricity since Friday night and came on Sunday late afternoon – sheesh. Poor hubby had to suffer through half of it in 90+ degree weather without AC.

After my client’s meeting earlier, I stopped by Nordies Rack that recently opened and picked up a few things from there. One of them being these new lightweight sneaks that I can pack up and won’t take up space in luggage. Now I don’t have an excuse not to bring them and exercise while I go away. =P Look at the size difference!

Finally, my thumb has become partially black now with one cactus still flourishing, one cactus fighting to stay alive and hubby’s cactus completely dead – oy.

That is it. Now I am thoroughly exhausted and cannot wait till 4th of July for another day off to relax before another wedding Saturday – lol. Have a great Monday everyone!


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