Instamix: Phalaenopsis Orchid, Color Craze and BBQ

Hello everyone! This is a late update since I was swamped at work, but wanted to give you a quick rundown of my weekend, so lets get started!

Ever since I can remember, I absolutely love phalaenopsis orchids and even remember their scientific name. Unfortunately during college, I was able to kill one cactus and one orchid. Few months ago, I was determined to get another orchid and turn my black thumb into a green one and thankfully, it’s still alive, so I decided to get a mini one in a different color.

As you can see, I have been a little color crazy with the season full of color denim and colorblocking, so definitely was a hunt for a few colors to add to my closet.

My good friend, Linda, treated few of us to a yummy dinner of Korean BBQ – who can say no to that? Thanks Friend!

Then afterwards, we definitely needed to finish the night off with some yummy Korean bingsoo. I got the red bean bingsoo this time and Linda got the gelato – both great choices!

Ok, that’s it! Now back to some night of editing an overdue collective haul video and photos for my clients. Hope you all have a wonderful night!


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