Instamix: LA Edition – Great Food & Company Plus IMATS

**WARNING: very pic-heavy and long post.**

Hello hello all! This is the first time that I was able to be on my laptop with wifi connection since I have been in LA. I brought my laptop thinking I would do photog work while I was here – boy was I wrong – lol. Each day was filled with meeting up with friends in the area for brunch and didn’t get back to hotel until really late. I guess it’s good since I was able to save on not charging any wifi fees to hotel bill. =P

Anyways, this trip has been nothing more than amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, except for less traffic! GPS and hitting “alternate route” is your best friend if you ever come to LA for a visit – def a time-saver. Ok, without further ado, let’s get started with the weekend update.

First stop in LA on Thursday was, of course, In n’ Out. I’ve heard of this place being compared so many times to Five Guys but I still prefer in n’ out burgers. Keep in mind, I am not a huge burger person either to begin with, but I continue to come back to this place and order one. =P

Then it was off to Imomoko to visit the owner, Betty, there. I’ve always been a huge fan of the company and definitely made it a point to stop by the store. I was like a little girl in a candy store looking at all the beauty products. Betty was so kind to also made a little gift bag for me – thanks girl!! I can’t wait for great new things in store for the near future!

Ever since I’ve seen this location in a movie that I couldn’t remember and also saw this location again in one of Wendy’s outfit, I was immediately drawn to check the place out after brunch with some photog friends on Friday. Just as awesome in person as in movies and photos.

Since I went there by myself, I wanted a pic of me and the place. No pic, no proof of visit, right? lol. The best of self portraits – lol.

Macarons have swiftly risen to the top of my list and I believe even knocked cupcakes down to 2nd as my most favorite delicate dessert. I had to seek them out in LA to try. First location, ‘lette macarons and they didn’t disappoint.

Saturday was all day IMATS with fellow beauty blogger/youtuber and friend, Sam. Although Sam prepped me for IMATS, I still wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a great experience and met some amazing folks there. I even met a reader – hello! If you have pics, feel free to send to me. =D There will be a separate IMATS post so more photos later.

After IMATS, Stylehaul had a little event where I met some amazing girls as well. They had little cupcakes and, can you believe, ‘lette macarons there as well? I met the lovely Iris and got to chat more with the 11thGorgeous sisters and Danna.

After the stylehaul event, I relaxed a bit before heading out to dinner with Betty from Imomoko and MisoJenny at Arroyo Chophouse known for its steak as well as this Grand Marnier souffle – TDF. Thanks girls for a lovely night! =)

Sunday, I allotted an hour to brunch location but there was hardly anyone on the road. Either it was way too early or folks are still sleeping from the out the night before. =P So I decided to stop in and check out a 2nd location for macarons mentioned by Jen and several others – Bottega Louie. This place had great macarons and also is a cafe if you want to stop by for food. Unfortunately, the front of the cafe has this marble top that was very slippery and I took a spill a la Carrie in the Paris episode of SATC. LOL – there was definitely no graceful way to fall, so I got up quickly, straightened myself and went about ordering macarons flavors. =P

Then it was off to Urth cafe for some brunch with Wendy and Kelly. Apparently this place is a huge hot spot of LA so thank you Kelly for the suggestion! I also got a cute design on my green tea matcha latte – almost looks like tweetbird – lol. Then after brunch, it was all day shopping and chit-chatting with the girls.

Next up, dinner time with Jen, Kelly, Wendy and the SOs at this korean bbq place, Honey Pig. There is also a similar location in VA as well but not the same company and the food was just as good.

Monday, I woke up to see these huge bruises on both knees from my unfortunate fall at Bottega Louie the day before. LOL, ah well, I guess it was worth it for the delicious macarons. =P

I had packed the night before and was all ready to leave the hotel by 10am so decided to head over to return the rental car. Then I had an idea to see if there were any Korean chicken wings along the route and yes there was. At a mall few miles away from LAX. Unfortunately, although the taste and spicyness is there, there was no crunch comparable to Bon Chon on East Coast.

Alright everyone, I know this is a long post update and I know I briefly ran through IMATS quickly, but there will be a separate post with some video clips of the day as well as photos of who I met and a haul video, so stay tuned for that!

Needless to say, I had an amazing time on this LA trip. A huge and special thanks to Sam, Holly, Kelly and Wendy for taking their time out to hang with me while I was there. It really meant a lot. It was great to be able to share so much and have you girls understand. Love you and hope we have another chance to meet up again. =)

Well that is it. If you were able to make it down to here, bravo – lol. I am currently at the airport 2 hours early to avoid the delays at security check-in, but at least I was able to crank this post out. I will be arriving to MD past midnight and have work the next day – oh joy. Thanks everyone for reading and happy Monday!


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  1. Oh yay, I’m glad you had a good time in my city 😉 I love LA and love when people have positive experiences here, so often I hear a lot of bitching. Traffic sucks, but doesn’t it suck in every big city? In and out is WAY better than five guys, I missed it dearly when I lived in Chicago. Next time you come to town you should totally hit up the Griddle, it has a circus of a menu and it’s so good 🙂

  2. @Tori there are traffic in other cities but I do believe LA has a lot more than the norm – lol. someone had mentioned it’s bc either one, there are just a lot of ppl living there and two, a lot of ppl who live there don’t have the 9-5 jobs so are typically on the road from gig to gig. I will def put the Griddle on my list to try nxt time I’m there! =)