Instamix: Chosen Michele watch, Bday Party and Sunday Wedding

Happy Monday all! I started work with a fire drill, how about you? This weekend was an exhausting one to say the least, so let’s get started.

I finally decided on which Michele watch to use my NM gift card on thanks to Michele‘s suggestion. The decision point was that you can never go wrong with sticking to classics and I always lean more towards silver.

Saturday, did hair and makeup for Linda’s sister since she was part of the bridal party then did some errands before I went with Linda to Carlis’s (the 2nd half of SpicyCandyDC) bday party that night. Apollina and one of Carlis’ friend provided the yummy bakery treats as seen above.

Then Sunday, I 2nd shot a wedding about an hour north of MD and everything about it was just so pretty — from the venue, dress, flowers, favors and even to the cake topper which was super cute.

Well that’s it for my weekend update. I will be flying out to LA this Thursday and staying till the following Monday. This will be the first time that I will be attending IMATS on Saturday so that should be fun. If any one of you are going, it would be nice meeting some of you in person then.

Since I will be flying back next Monday, I may or may not have a weekend update post. I may just play that by ear on that one. Alright all, have a great Monday and thanks for reading!


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  1. that’s such a beautiful piece! congrats on getting it!

  2. @miemiemie thank you! =)