Instamix: 3-Day Memorial Weekend Update

Hello all!! This weekend was a busy one much like last but I was able to grab some photos to update you all on. So glad that it was a long weekend too so I was able to catch up on my photog work and even tried to grab some zz’s while I was at it. =P

Friday, headed out to karaoke at Cafe Japone in Dupont with the lovely girls, Apollina and Katalina plus a few others as well. It was my first time there but I had such a blast. The sushi there wasn’t so bad either – thank you so much for inviting me along, girls! We must do this again for sure. 😉

Took the metro back from karaoke early since I had to get up by 7am to head out and survived a 13hr wedding

Bride and groom fed us with some yummy goodies from Corner Stone Bakery. Saw this red velvet whoopie pie and wanted to try it. It wasn’t what I had expected, so didn’t finish it.

I was trying to catch up with my sleep and prep an engagement session Sunday so was not able to go out to dim sum with few friends. So for Monday, instead of bbq-ing like the norm, hubby and I opted for some dim sum instead. =)

This is one of my fave dessert, almond tofu, that I haven’t had for awhile. It’s also pretty easy to make so let me know if you like to see a recipe tutorial on this for my food blog and youtube.

That’s it! I hope everyone had a wonderful long holiday. It was a hot one with both days nearing 90 degrees. Definitely happy for a short week this week. =)


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  1. You were in DC?! ^_^ I hope you had a great time tho it was really hot (can’t stand humidity…:P)

  2. @InsideOut Elle live in MD so I take the metro into DC from time to time. it was def hot over the weekend! lol