Instamix: 15-hr Wedding & Avengers

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was jam-packed and exhausting which I’ll update you below.

Had a 15-hr wedding on Saturday that started at 8am and didn’t end till 11pm O_O. I believe there were a little over 300 guests. Remind me to ask during client meetings how many guests there will be – lol. Good thing I like the couple so wasn’t too bad.

Then Sunday, I had another shoot bright and early before hubby and I had a little mini date at Nando’s. Hubby got extra hot this time on our chicken and it was yum. I am so proud of him. He’s gone a long way from eating non-spicy to taking spicy food very well. =D

Then we headed to the theater nearby to get our tickets and already saw a line forming to get in – geez. Hubby was going to walk with him around the area but after seeing the line, he was not going to budge from his spot. He’s such a movie buff that he always wants to get the best seat in the house, which means I’m always the next seat over – lol. Good thing I don’t really care or mind. =P

I loooove the Avengers – hilarious, smart and all around entertaining. I wouldn’t mind watching this again. I am such a marvel fan, which is weird because I don’t read comic books. Maybe because I just love the idea of superheros and fighting for the good. Anyways, I had to ask the guy next to me what scene at the end eluding to next movie’s preview was about – lol. Very exciting and can’t wait! =D

While he was waiting in line, I went to grab some Starbucks and try out the new Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap and made it light. It was actually pretty good.

And that’s it for the weekend. This coming up weekend, I’ll be in Chicago so can’t wait for that. Hubby will be in class most of Saturday so I’ll most likely be walking around and exploring the city some more. Also don’t forget that I have PMD giveaway is still open, so if you haven’t entered yet, feel free to do so. Happy Monday all and thanks for reading as always! =)


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  1. So fun. I want to try out the new frap, so I need to hit up starbucks asap. good to know you liked it

  2. I want to see The Avengers so much! Already planning a date night soon just to watch this movie.

    I had two weddings to attend on Saturday. Lots of people got married this past weekend.

    Helen @

  3. @Blue Dog Belle yes delish! =D
    @Dietingfashions you’ll love it!! wedding season is approaching rapidly =D