Carrie à la Mode and Mixing Prints

I am a huge fan of HBO’s Sex and the City and there was a particular outfit that Carrie wore with a powder blue trench coat over red pants that I couldn’t find an image. However, it seemed that Patricia Field loved to dress Carrie in similar color combos throughout the whole show as evident in the two images featured below.

I love this particular color combo and it was exactly what I had in mind when I paired this outfit together. I also wanted to dabble into my first time mixing prints within an outfit.

Having this light sky blue gingham over apple-printed bottom was just the right sublty of mixing prints and my baby steps of embracing the style. Few weeks ago, Jean and Khatu both blogged this similar bottom in an outfit post and I just fell in love with the prints. I also thought it was fitting the apples symbolizing NYC.

After checking the measurements from Girl’s Crewcut and the pants seemed right for me at size 14, I went ahead and put in my order. However, when I got the package few days after and tried them on, I could barely pull up the side zipper – oy. Thank goodness I had been working out since then and actually stuck to my exercise regime, because I was able to zip up the pants this past weekend – hallelujah -lol!

Btw, I had mentioned in my last post that I got this sky blue color gingham in a large and was going to do some alterations before this post. However, the other week, I decided to walk into ON store to check again whether they have the sizes that I want in the right colors. Thankfully the store had more sizes and I picked up another color along with it. These shirts are still pretty loose for an XS, but I don’t mind it as much. I kinda like the casualness that it gives the look.

Top: Old Navy | Bottom: Girl’s Crewcut sz. 14 | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody | Accessories: MK bracelet and watch, H&M stacked beaded bracelets, ring c/o Amrita Singh, F21 necklace and Chloe sunnies

This outfit seriously makes me want to go picnicking. I hoped you enjoyed the look and thanks for reading!


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