Spring Tracks: Stripes & Cobalt with Something New

Hello hello! So you know that this past weekend, I went home to Philly to see the fam and of course always thankful for my sister L helping me shoot my outfits. I’m pretty sure hubby was glad to have the day off too – lol.

As you can see below, I am wearing the R&R skinny jeans that I got from Kohl’s a few weeks ago. The price point was great on sale and even got additional discount off as well with a promo code. However, the sizing does run a bit large since the material has some stretch in it, so I would size down if possible. Other than that, the material is super comfy and definitely pretty good quality for R&R jeans at Kohl’s.

For my outfit, I wanted to tone down everything and let this cobalt blue blazer shine on its own. Definitely brightens up a dull day and cool spring temps we’ve been getting recently. Also breaking out my “something new” to enjoy the day.


H&M blazer (recent)
F21 striped shirt (similar)
Zebra print scarf (old) R&R jeans for Kohl’s
DVF heeled sandals
Balenciaga Giant 12 Rose Gold City Bag, Gris Poivre (similar)

I wanna say that the Balenciaga City has been on my list since probably around 2002, when a friend introduced me to the brand. However, there was never the right time to purchase one until recently. When it came to Balenciaga, I knew I wanted to get the City but the question was in what color. Even now, I am still unsure with the color although I do love the distressed look of the new wrinkled leather. Either way, I am definitely happy to finally have one to add to my modest bag collection. Btw, is it me or do you happen to see a small face smiling at you from these bags; the two bolts under the zipper resemble eyes and the curvature at bottom creates a smile – lol. No? Just me? Well, ok then. =P

As you know, I didn’t want to get the bag unless there was some sort of gift card event and sure enough, Neiman Marcus announced one for last Thursday only. From the one purchase, I got around 17,000 points on the InCircle card, so for every 10,000 points, I would get a $100 gift card and for that day only, I also got an additional $50 gift card. Since Balenciaga rarely goes on sale, I see the $150 as my discount off the bag. It’s great to be able to get a little extra something back with these point cards, but as mentioned before, they do carry a high APR so be sure to always pay them off every month!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this look and thanks for reading everyone!


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  1. I have a handbag wish list since way back when.
    Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, and Celine. I’m not even going to eye the Birkin because I think my husband would kill me.

    That’s a lovely Balenciaga color. I really like the Cement color they have this season but unsure if it’ll get dirty or fade.


  2. @Dietingfashions yea i wasn’t sure on the gris poivre color either, whether or not it will get dirty. i’m so rough with bags that I need to worry about that stuff – lol. oh, my hubby would have my head if i ever thought of getting the birkin for sure.. =P

  3. That’s so funny.. the first time I showed my husband a Balenciaga bag I was eyeing, he immediately said it looked like a face! Never saw it before until he mentioned it..:)