Instamix: Neiman Marcus & Philly

  • Although this was done on a Thursday, but ever since college, Thursdays always feel like a weekend to me, so including the day in this update. =P The night before, I had decided I was going to get this, but only when there is a gift card event. Next morning, I checked my email and there it was, Neiman Marcus was having a $50 gift card plus 10,000 bonus points on their InCircle card for that day only. It was fate, I tell you.

    After the purchase however, the sales guy failed to let me know that when I opened a card to make any purchase, I would get an additional 5000 points plus since I bought one of the brands listed under another promotion, I’d get an additional 2000 points. Woah, so from that one purchase, I made 17,000 points and for every 10,000 points on the card, I’d get $100 gift card mailed to me. I learned all this from a helpful SA named Maria at King of Prussia‘s Neiman Marcus. She was totally wonderful so if you ever go there, be sure to seek her out.

    It’s stuff like this that I do want to make sure I am getting my money’s worth for every purchase. Be careful though because department cards do carry a pretty high APR rate and in this case (29%), so be sure to pay it off every month or you can really hurt yourself in the end! There’s my little tip of the day. =P

  • Oh and I broke it to hubby yesterday after he tried to pull a joke with me for April Fool’s Day. After that, I told him about my purchase and added that this was not an April Fool’s joke. =P Predictably, he still gave me a lecture, but since I am paying for it myself, I reminded him of our deal. Oh, so easily he forgets – smh

  • My sister had this nail polish on her dresser when I went home to Philly to visit the fam. It was Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles and such a pretty deep navy blue color. I started to apply that on my nails and my mom saw me and offered to apply it for me. Sniff sniff, I love my mom. She can be hard on us sometimes, but seriously love her just the same.

    If you followed me on twitter few weeks ago, my mom was taken to the hospital for a heart attack. There was a clot found in one of the arteries, so the docs cleared it and put a tube of something in it to prevent others from forming. This was such a scary situation and also frustrating at the same time, because when parents get at that age, it is hard for them to break the bad eating habit and try to eat healthier and exercise more. Sigh. I tried to give her a little lecture on eating healthy and exercising while I was home. Hope she was able to take something away from that. =/

  • The fam and I decided to go out to a Viet restaurant near us and chow down for dinner. The place was pretty good with plenty of choices for everyone’s liking.
  • Then after dinner, my three sisters and I stopped at a karaoke place nearby and sang for five hours. LOL, guess we were a bit deprived.
  • My youngest sister got hungry later and we decided to order the spicy Bon Chon chicken there. However, the wings didn’t look like bon chon chicken nor were they crunchy or spicy. So next time I’ll know not to order the dish from there especially if they were to charge us $20 a plate for regular chicken wings. No bueno!

Well that’s it for my weekend updates. Another Monday to look forward to – oy =P Have a great one, lovelies! =)


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