Instamix: Easter Weekend Update

Hey everyone! I don’t know about you but allergies have been killing me these past few days. Only a month or so left until I can breathe again – a small price to pay to have warmer weather again.

  • I picked up this magenta color phalaenopsis orchid, which is my absolute fave. I had my first one during college but with my black thumb, the plant definitely did not last at all. I think it was because I watered it too much as well as the cactus so they both died on me. I am hoping this time around will be different. =P
  • Went over to my friend’s Linda‘s new place which was gorgeous by the way. We were attempting to make some macaron (more on this later) and she made us some cheesecake parfait as well as mini pimento sandwiches to snack on, while we were waiting for the macarons to bake – yum.
  • Of course, had to grab some korean bbq with our last LivingSocial coupon
  • Then met up with Sam and her bf and friend for some yummy bingsoo later. I got to see her little baby, but she was fast asleep from BBQ earlier in the day. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to play with her when she is more awake. Also such a small world, but while we were there, bumped into the lovely Aubrey and her bf, so that was fun. Haven’t seen her in ages!

Well, that’s it! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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