Instamix: CT weekend & Nephew’s Bday Party (instagram overload)

Some of you may know I was up in Connecticut over the weekend for my nephew’s 2-yr bday party. My sisters like to do it big for him and get creative with themes. Last year, it was a Mickey Mouse theme and this year he’s been really into Sesame Street and knows all the characters – too cute. My 2nd sister came up with the theme and my 3rd sister helped with all the invitations and any paper design below. If there was something sesame street related, we did it – lol.

Putting together a party like this was a lot of work and stressful too and I’ve asked my sister if she plans to do something big like this every year. I think we can safely come to a conclusion that we should probably do it big on the milestone numbers like 1, 5 etc. I’m down for that. I was so tired by the time I came back that I totally went to bed early to recoup – lol.

I saw the Le Petit Prince cup that I bought for my nephew two years ago. He can finally drink out of it now – lol.

I was in charge of cupcakes from baking to piping. Also enlisted the help of my sister to help prep the cupcakes for piping and putting the faces on.

Took a break to grab something to eat and ordered some spinach with strawberry and walnut, no cheese. After seeing the salad, made a mental note that this was an easy salad to put together for future.

Then it was time to do the mural below. My sister had a projector she bought from craigslist couple months back and we used it to project the image on the paper to pencil in. Then took down the paper to outline it with a sharpie and filled in the color with acrylic paint. The mural will probably be hung in my nephew’s room afterwards. The mural was well worth it since my nephew came into the room and his face lit up after seeing the characters and pointing each one out.

Next up were the sesame street poofs. I had these tissue pom poms done for my bridal shower and wedding 4 years ago and they kept coming back in different forms throughout the years. Glad we were able to put them to good use below.

I also was in charge of the fruit platters turning one plate into elmo and the other into a sun to incorporate the phrase “Sunny Day Chasing Clouds Away”.

This last part below was totally all my 4th sister’s idea and she had my brother, mom and aunt help out with the costume – lol. It was pretty hilarious at the party to see a real-life elmo. My nephew saw him and got a little intimidated. He would say hi to Elmo from afar, but once close, get all shy – lol. But if Elmo left the room, he would go look for him. It was too cute.

So that was my exhausting weekend dedicating my time in helping out with the party and of course taking some photos. Pro photos will be posted on my photoblog probably sometime this week if I can get to it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday!


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