Instamix: Acupuncture, Being Green & Souvenir

Went to an acupuncturist referred to me by my client to see if he could actually make my allergies go away. This was my first time going to one since I’m not much for needles. The feeling was a slight discomfort, much like a prick you get from needles, but as long as I can breathe through hay fever season (March & April), I will endure the pain.

So far, hubby’s been sniffing and sneezing the past two days and I have never felt better. A definite recommend for any of you who suffer allergies! I’m thinking of bringing my mom for that as well as to see if it would help with her rheumatoid arthritis, since the doctor said he had helped plenty of patients suffering from RA. It all depends on case by case though and how bad it is.

Then since I was nearby, stopped by Tysons for several particular items but ended up not finding them and bought several other items – lol. Isn’t that always the case?

I’ve been trying to be green the past few months and lately have bought two items from Starbucks; one tumbler for work and the other for home. Not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love collecting mugs. To the point where hubby said I had to stop – lol. He actually noticed the new one – oops.

FYI for those who sit at Starbucks to drink, you can ask them to put it in a mug rather than paper cups. I saw that the other week and made a mental note to do that next time I sit there. =)

Filmed several vids Sunday morning since my camera decided to go kaput on me Sat. Went to Best Buy to pick up a new camera. Then was supposed to meet my wedding client from London in DC but at the last minute, they canceled due to bride having food poisoning. So I stopped by the mall to run some errands and ended up getting this cute print scarf from Zara and few other things. I couldn’t find the link online, so you’ll need to head to store to find one, but here is another scarf that is too cute for words. Such a sucker for polka dots.

I wanted to do a haul vid yesterday but unfortunately time got away and didn’t get to it. Will try later this week.

My coworker went to NOLA for a tradeshow last week and I asked for a beignet mix from the popular restaurant there “Cafe Du Monde” as a little souvenir. Here’s a little fun fact for you – for those of you who don’t know, the word ‘souvenir’ in french means ‘to remember’. I love running into everyday words that have some meaning behind it. =D

One of these days, I will need to try it in person when I get to NOLA, but for now, will have to try this mix out once I get to my goal weight. =P

That’s it! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading!


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  1. The Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix does not equal to the real deal. It’s the mood and atmosphere that you get when you sit down with a cup of Cafe Au Lait and an order of fresh, hot beignets at the original location. Best feeling ever!

    I’m born and raised in NOLA so I get a bit homesick when I see New Orleans’ related items like this. Miss the city like crazy!


  2. Yay for acupuncture! I am glad it is helping with allergies! I had no idea your mom had RA, I do too. Please post if it helps her. I am petrified of needles, but would totally see an acupuncturist if it will help some of the symptoms.

  3. @Dietingfashions aww good to kno!! i def want to visit there some day to experience the real thing. =D I hear the food is amazing!!

    @Ivette aww girl! i hear ya. my mom has been suffering from RA for several years now and it’s quite painful to see her go through that. I def want to take her to one and will post update on it. yea, not much for needles either but if it’s going to help solve problems in longterm, i’m all for it!

  4. I believe acupuncture really helped me in the past when I had bad headaches and insomnia, partly due to stress. The treatment sessions helped me to relax and I always felt rejuvenated.

  5. Can you share who your acupuncturist is? I’ve been thinking of going to one, but kinda intimated because I don’t know which to go to! I’m also in the NOVA area. Thanks!

  6. @Rola once a skeptic and now a believer, i will never scoff at acupuncturists again!! lol.
    @Michelle sure thing! i went to shanghai medicine in vienna. hope it helps you out! =)