Citrus Burst: Bows & Polka Dots

Whenever I think of bows or polka dots, the little girl inside me giggles with joy. And to have them both paired in one outfit makes me feel all extra girly that day! I also love flowy skirts like the one below that I bought them in two colors; one in peach and one in coral (pictured below). I love how these skirts move and swirls with every stride I take and always gives me that extra bounce in my steps whenever I wear one.


F21 yellow blouse
F21 circle polka dot skirt
F21 belt (old)
Steve Madden Bow Pumps (old) or another cute bow option
Gorjana Cooper Flower and Jewelmint heart pendant MK, Jewelmint, Asos and H&M bracelets
MK buckle and Ebay knot ring
MK watch
Tom Ford Sunnies (similar)
Balenciaga Giant 12 Rose Gold City Bag, Gris Poivre (similar)

It’s a Wednesday – enough said. Hope this week is going by fast for everyone and thanks always for reading!


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  1. I love the skirt!

  2. @marisabel r. thanks! it’s super fun to wear ^_^

  3. super cute! chelsea (closetoreal) mentioned that you know her too. 🙂 small world.

  4. @Esther Ju*Lee well hello there! yes def small world. =)