Spring Brights Look & Nature’s Color Wheel

If you can’t tell already from twitter, I am totally rooting for Spring to arrive sooner than later! FYI: 4 days till DST & 13 days till Spring! So I was in a Spring mood this past weekend and decided to show it in my outfit.

Bright colors always remind me of spring and I added stripes to break up the look a little bit. One of these days, I will be brave enough to add several patterns into the mix!


Banana Republic XSP trench coat (recent in-store only)
Express yellow cardigan
Forever 21 skirt
H&M blouse
Steve Madden nude pumps
BCBG bag
Fornash and jewelmint bracelets
Morgan Ashleigh necklace

Color-blocking has been big last year and still continues on this year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a display of the color wheel in my closet whenever I get dressed. However, I tend to just throw colors together and see if it works. My fave color combos have always been greens and blues, yellows and greens, pale pink and navy blues, dark purple and golden yellows, yellows and blacks and the list goes on.

Rarely do I ever consult a color wheel to pick out my combos. If you need more inspiration from nature, here are few examples below to get you started and inspired to start pairing bold colors together

Image from Time in a Box

Image from Art-Wallpaper

Image from Wondrous Pics

Below are pics from yours truly during my first year of self-taught photography

So, just remember, when in doubt of your color combo choices for your outfit, go ahead and consult Mother Earth for your inspiration. If the color combos exist in nature, then you can walk out the door with confidence. Hey, if Mother Nature looks great in all of her color glories, why couldn’t we?

I hope this uncomplicates the color wheel for you and thanks for reading everyone! =)


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