Something New: Chanel Zipper Wallet & Spending Budget

As you know, I’ve been on a hunt for a good color on a Chanel wallet since my post on it. I’ve gone 2-3 trips to Tysons II without hubby just to check on the different selections of wallets in both Neiman Marcus and the Chanel boutique there. But nothing really stood out to me. Either the color was right, but not the wallet type or vice versa.

This past Sunday, I convinced hubby to go with me this time to check the stores out after dim sum and so glad that I did! Within minutes in the Chanel boutique, the SA there, Indra, pulled out this zip wallet in a pretty camel color. I can see this color transitioning beautifully from spring/summer through fall/winter and in a caviar material that is sturdy enough to not have scratches, etc.

Well, I was sold on the wallet, but hubby wasn’t excited over the price tag – lol. I had to convince him it was worth it, but in the end, he agreed to pay his max price on a wallet and I made up the difference. =P I also had the wallet delivered to me by courier to avoid the taxes.

They always have me at the pretty packaging =P

Incidentally, just to clear up any confusion, some of you may know that I do have a photography business on the side. A lot of what I purchase on my own, especially camera equipment, is coming directly from income that I earn from my photography business and not from my full-time job. Hubby would never let me touch my day job’s salary, because both of ours go into our joint account for bills and savings for future. We pay off our credit cards every month and put away money every month for savings.

As far as my own spending goes, hubby and I have a deal between the two of us that as long as I spend money earned from my part-time business, he wouldn’t complain too much about my spending. However, the key word is “too much” – lol. He still complains about my spending, but definitely less now than in the past.

I am a girl after all, and that goes without saying, that I do like to shop for clothes and beauty stuff, so it would be impossible for hubby to say “stop spending”. =P I am, though, going to put myself on a budget and making a conscious effort to spend less in the next few months, so hopefully I can stick with that. =P I want to be a lot more selective in the items that I get, so that I don’t have unnecessary items that I rarely wear/use in my closet and let that go to waste or goodwill. I’ve gone through and purged my closet, but feel I still need to condense more.

Anyways, questions to my readers:

Do you have a spending budget on clothes, makeup, etc that you stick to and what do you do if you go over that?

I’d love to hear about it and, as always, thanks for reading everyone!


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  1. wow, that is such a gorgeous wallet! and i like the colour too 🙂

  2. @Tezza thank you! =)

  3. It sounds like you work hard and save responsibly, more power to you. I totally understand your spending conversations with your husband, we have similar talks here. Good choice on the wallet!