Instamix: NJ/NYC weekend update

Hello everyone! This past weekend, I went up with hubby to NJ/NYC to visit my sister and also headed into the city for some foodie fun. Hubby only had one weekend free and originally were thinking to go to New Orleans, but our schedule didn’t really align, so we headed up the East Coast instead.

First stop is of course, Ladurée – one of the best macaron places ever. Seriously, last year, I was up in NYC 4-5 times and did not get a chance to go. So I made it a point on this trip to hit that place first!

There were a bunch of flavors to pick and choose, so I got most of the flavors in my box of 15. I also picked up a box of 12 for my sister, even though she works in the city, but rarely goes out to Upper East Side. Everytime, I say “Upper East Side”, I think of Gossip Girl – lol.

After Ladurée, we walked around the area and I can easily love the area with all the shops. Of course, I’m sure the area cost an arm and a leg to live there as well – lol. There was a Céline store nearby and I was curious about the bags, so went in to browse. Tried on the Trapeze and Phantom for size. I am really loving the two contrasting material with the suede and leather with croc print. I can see why so many fashionistas lean towards these bags.

Met up with my sister later for some pinkberry before we headed back to her place in Jersey. Next day, my sister from CT came down to visit and of course, brought my little nephew. He’s almost two and always love to laugh and play. He also loves to read and learn. We were watching a video on the iPad where we learned about the letter G with the Sesame Street team – lol. He was soo engrossed with it – too cute. I also introduced him to Talking Tom and he kept poking him in the stomach – smh.

After my sister left with my nephew back to CT, I had a hunkering for some oysters and had to get some that night. Checked a few restaurants in the area before we decided upon a place in Hoboken. Although the food was good, the service really could be better.

Next morning, we went over to Batten Ramen in Fort Lee, where I introduced it to my sister about a year or two ago and it has been her and her fiance’s favorite place to go. Although they don’t have pork buns like Ippudo, the Japanese ramen there is so tasty and the rest of the food there are so good that it’s worth your time to go.

Then we finished off the meal with a trip to Parisienne bakery where they carry Beard Papa’s cream puffs and other yummy treats.

I hoped you all had a wonderful weekend and of course, it’s Monday – oy. Have a great one!


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  1. omg those pictures… yes, you had a very very fantastic and yummilicious weekend!!! Kid is adorable! … sesame street, that feels like ages and ages ago. HAHA

  2. I just went to Batten for lunch today!

  3. @♥Mishi à la mode♥ lol – i know! need to go back again – can never get tired of nyc eateries. =D so yummm!

  4. if you like ippudo you need to try minca. It’s also around st marks but a further walk. It is a hole in the wall type place but is the best ramens in the city! Also another good place for macaroons is desserttruck works. best passionfruit macaroon I ever had!