Archives for March 2012

Upper East Side: Macaron & Tweed No. 5 Jacket

As you know, the first thing I did when I hit the city was taking the subway straight to Ladurée located on the Upper East Side. All the times that I’ve been to NYC, I never had a reason to go to the Upper East Side until now and also had no idea that one […]

Instamix: NJ/NYC weekend update

Hello everyone! This past weekend, I went up with hubby to NJ/NYC to visit my sister and also headed into the city for some foodie fun. Hubby only had one weekend free and originally were thinking to go to New Orleans, but our schedule didn’t really align, so we headed up the East Coast instead. […]

Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’ Updo Tutorial

The first time I saw this hairstyle last year or so, I’ve been meaning to do one but never got around to it. It wasn’t until my friend and I chose this song to sing at karaoke last Friday that reminded me that I really should do a video on it. I hope you girls […]

Pleats to Meet You, Miss Kelly Green

Up until recently, I had no idea this color green had a specific shade name thanks to my lovely friend, Jen, for introducing me to the name during one of her tweets. I always love rich colors, especially colors like this Kelly Green below and what a perfect time to post this for St. Patty’s […]

Spring Bridal Low Bow Updo Tutorial

Spring is in the air and it’s also almost wedding season time, so I thought it would be appropriate to do an inspired updo over the upcoming season. This tutorial literally took me all day last Saturday to perfect it. Then, I had to whittle down over an hour of footage to a decent-size video. […]

Something New: Chanel Zipper Wallet & Spending Budget

As you know, I’ve been on a hunt for a good color on a Chanel wallet since my post on it. I’ve gone 2-3 trips to Tysons II without hubby just to check on the different selections of wallets in both Neiman Marcus and the Chanel boutique there. But nothing really stood out to me. […]

Hi-Low: Geometric Dress & Jean Jacket

I’m so ecstatic that the temperature is turning around and spring is right around the corner. It was such a beautiful day that I wanted something casual and brought this dress out to play, with its unique geometric print and its hi-low hem. I’ve seen a lot of hi-low tops and dresses lately, which seems […]

Instamix: Dim Sum, Final Choice and New Haircut

Hello everyone! I did a tutorial on Saturday which literally took the whole day, so definitely did not go out. Sunday was an even busier day as you will see below. Having DST on Sunday and losing an hour of sleep was a bit rough, but having dim sum made it all worth getting up […]