Water Marble Nail Tutorial: Psychadelic

Few days ago, I bumped into few tutorials online that showed a new-to-me nail technique: water marble. Curious, I had to try it, so decided to go ahead and document my first attempt at this water marble nail tutorial. I’d say it took a lot of time and as I am typing this, my right hand is still left undone – LOL. However, I do like how my nails came out and with little more practice and trial and error, I can’t wait to try out new designs in the future.

Materials used:

Letter opener or any pointy utensil
Cup with lukewarm water
Revlon’s Colorstay nail polish base coat
China Glaze in “Up All Night” and “White-Out”
Jessie’s Girls in Julie G’s collection – Fashion Friday
Revlon’s top coat

After doing this tutorial, here are a few tips that could come in handy when attempting this technique:

1. Do not use your best cup while doing this technique since nail polishes will stain =P
2. Add the same amount of drops each time for better consistency in design
3. When cleaning up the nail polish bulls-eye around the nail, be sure to go carefully around as to not mess up design
4. Room temp water helps to spread out the nail polish outward evenly
5. Nail polishes that have more watery consistency tends to spread out best
6. You can put more than one finger into design; just place the nail beds where you want the design to be.
7. Be sure to use top coat after the design dries on your nail, so that it will last longer
8. Use q-tip with nail polish remover to clean around edges of nail bed

That’s it! Although this took awhile to prep, the design was effortless and easy. I hope you girls enjoyed this! Let me know what you think and if you would attempt to do this water marble technique. =)

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  1. Very nice! One of the more unique nail designs I’ve seen!

  2. Very pretty! I love the choice of colors. I tried it a few times, but I have small nails so it didn’t show up right!..

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