Vday Edition: YSL Arty Love Ring & Shabby Apple

I’ve honestly had resisted the YSL Arty ring for some time now seeing them on every blogger out there and with good reasons too. It’s such a unique ring statement piece that is bound to draw heads and such a conversation-starter. However, at that price for a costume jewelry, I was hesitant to pull the trigger, until recently when Miss Queenie blogged about the Arty Love Ring – Vday edition – I was floored. I am a sucker for anything with “love” and when this Vday edition of YSL’s Arty ring had the word “love” engraved on the back as well as that pretty pink color, I was sold and knew I had to have it.

Finding the ring, however, did prove to be quite a challenge, which I was able to get the help of YSL’s customer service who emailed me two locations; one in Houston and the other in Florida. I called the Houston YSL boutique first and Cortez there told me that he only had one left in size 4. I immediately had him ship it to me praying that the size 4 will fit. My ring finger is a 4.25 and I hear that the sizes vary quite a bit with these rings. Thank goodness, it fit!

Because this is a limited edition, YSL is no longer shipping these and all stores are practically out of them. I just checked today and there is still one left on Saks store in a size 7. Hubby’s not huge on V-day and always say it’s a big marketing ploy, so I got this ring as a little gift to myself for the occasion. =P Sigh, isn’t she just gorgeous??

Also Mai from Shabby Apple contacted me to see if I would be interested in showcasing an item. I chose this grey sheath dress below with its unique a-symmetrical ruching at the center front and alongside the hem. With the exception of the hem being a tad long, this dress fit true to size.

Image of me above in freezing 28 degrees and even more cold with wind chills – BRR!!


Winter coat from VS (old); Fur collar from Ann Taylor Loft Blazer; “Extra Credit” sheath dress thanks to Shabby Apple; Target black tights; Steve Madden Deep Burgundy Strappy Pumps (old); Baublebar crimson collar necklace; YSL Arty Love ring in Cerise; MK watch; faux pearl bracelets, Chloe sunnies and Chanel medium bag in caviar black.

I’ve never heard of Shabby Apple until now and I am so glad that Mai reached out to me, so thank you Mai! I absolutely love browsing through the selections of items on the website; very cute and vintage-looking. Here are a few more picks below that I’m eyeing after, but please check the website out for more adorable options.

Cecily Skirt

After School

Andes Skirt

That’s it! Hope you all have great plans for Valentine’s Day! This day is definitely not just for lover’s day but for those who can spend it with love ones as well. Thanks for reading!

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG AMAZING!!! the ring, the look, everything!!! why are you torturing me like this!!!?? drama aside, mel, it looks amazing on you!! really.

  2. The YSL ring is a work of art, stunning! Glad you got one:)

  3. @Miss Queenie lol girl – i can feel ur excitement, which was how I felt when I opened the box! I wouldn’t have known about this vday edition had it not been for u so thank you girl! =D
    @Rola thanks and me too! =D

  4. You look amazing in that grey dress and collar fur! 🙂 I love the Arty ring. It’s a very beautiful and unique looking piece 🙂

  5. @Rainy Days and Lattes thanks! arty ring is def a unique piece. happy vday! =D

  6. Love how you wore the ring ! I have 2 size 7 on my hands right now because the first one that came in the mail had a scratch on the stone 🙁

  7. @Winnie aww that stinks! hope you were able to return one of them.


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