Three A’s of Odds & Ends: Arm Candy, Atlantic City, & "A-mei"zing Concert

  • Went to Linda’s bday dinner party at District Kitchen and my arm candy for the night was David Yurman, Amrita Singh and Fornash.
  • Next day, made some oatmeal with honey and blueberries. I love anything with blueberries, so this was a natural combo for late breakfast. Needed some energy before filming a tutorial for you. Hopefully be up this week. ^_^
  • Then, drove up to AC to pick up a “friend” who I met one time, but asked me via FB if she could tag along to see A-mei’s concert with me. After picking her up, we went straight to Borgata to meet up the rest of my friends and grab some buffet.
  • Too bad I was not super hungry by the time I got to Borgata, so ate a bit and hit the dessert table. =P
  • We had some time to kill, so went up to my friend’s rooms and hung out. Headed over to Taj Mahal at about midnight to pick up our tix and get seated
  • Ever since I could remember, I love love love A-mei: from her voice, herself as an artist and her songs. Her concert titled Ameizing was nothing short of and I was not at all disappointed. Only regret that I had was not buying the VIP seats fast enough before they sold out, so bought the next level down tix. She was just as amazing in person as I remembered from her music and always my go-to artist to sing at karaoke. I am not great at reading Chinese characters, so I memorized two of her songs by heart by writing down the sounds before learning pinyin after: Yuan Lai Ni Shenme Dou Bu Yao (原來你什麼都不想要) & Tinghai (聽海). She has such a natural talent and an amazing voice that I don’t see too often in many Asian singers.

    Curious to hear if any readers here is an Amei’s fan and did you go to the AC concert?

  • The concert was at Taj Mahal at 1am and thankfully, A-mei came out at 1:15am, which lasted till 4am. I had to drive my friend back to her home about an hour away and by the time we got to her place, it was around 5:30am. By that time, I could barely keep my eyes open.
  • Woke up at noon and grabbed some breakfast for the road. Decided to stop in at Dunkin for some cappuccino and couldn’t resist these heart-shaped donuts. =P

That’s it! I hope everyone had an “ameizing” weekend and hope your Monday flies by quick! =P

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  1. love your photos! they’re so gorgeous! especially the first bracelet one, i’ve been super into bangles lately and those are beautiful 🙂


  2. Love the photos!

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