Saddled Up for Brunch: Horse Print with Horsebit Hobo

I’ve always had a softspot for anything horse-related and when I saw this H&M horse print blouse popping up everywhere, but in my closet last month, I knew I had to have it. However, this blouse appeared in H&M stores last Fall! My heart sank then, until recently. I found a website overseas that had this similar print in stock and immediately bought it without hesitation with a 20% coupon code. When I got it two weeks later, I was surprised and ecstatic to see that it was the exact same H&M horse print blouse that I wanted. Must be fate, I tell ya.

I wanted a laidback and casual outfit for Sunday brunch at Cafe Deluxe, so I paired this outfit specifically around this blouse and wanted to go for a slight equestrian look complete with my Gucci horsebit hobo bag. But first, some food pics: hubby’s steak and eggs and my poached salmon over benedict eggs with hollandaise sauce – mmm.

And now for my Sunday brunch outfit. So glad that this blouse made its way into my closet and I cannot wait to create more pairings around it!


H&M horse print blouse
BCBG sweater cardigan vest (old)
J. Brand flared jeans (hautelook)
CK booties (old)
Morgan Ashley Charm Necklace (bought on hautelook)
layered with F21 necklace (old)
MK watch
Eros, Typhon & Gaia charm bracelets
thanks to Cutey UK and Fornash leather cord bracelet

These charm bracelets are super cute and pretty solid in weight. Love to layer them with other bracelets or even by themselves. Thanks so much to Ashley from Cutey UK for sending them over! Hope you enjoyed this outfit post and thanks for reading!


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  1. Love the print of the blouse! SO cute!

  2. @Elizabeth right?? too cute. =D

  3. Found you when I was searching for a horse print blouse…and now I own this one! Thanks for sharing and you have FABULOUS styling talent!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!!

  4. Jessica Buurman says:

    horse print blouse and cardigan is lovely.
    You look Pretty in this.