Rock & Republic at Kohl’s

Funny thing happened today, but I was typing in Rock and Republic’s website in the address box above and instead of taking me to the R&R website, I was redirected to Kohl’s R&R landing page. I could be late knowing this, but just in case you didn’t know, you can now find R&R jeans, clothes, and shoes at your local Kohl’s, which recently launched on February 15th.

I haven’t gone to one yet, but may stop by today after Ikea. Will update you girls when I get a chance.

Also if you purchase them on Kohl’s website using Ebates, you can get 20% off any order using code ‘FEBSHOP20’ plus 3% cashback – awesome!

Has anyone gone yet & what did you think of the quality?

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  1. Funny thing, I never go to Kohl’s but I ended up going on Sat. And I was surprised at how decent the quality is, not super great, but not awful either. And I could definitely see myself wearing a few pieces!

    <3 Kelly

  2. @thekellytang yea? i just ordered two pairs over the weekend. can’t wait to see them in person. =D

  3. The jeans are wonderful! Saw their show in New York and already own three pairs! Def recommend!

  4. @Elizabeth I have a pair already and my kohl orders just came in, so can’t wait to try them out! =D