PFC #13: Work Outfit for $100

I had a lot of fun doing the Petite Fashion Challenge last month that I decided to try out this month’s PFC #13 challenge hosted by Annie of Really Petite, which is to put together a professional outfit (excluding shoes and accessories) for under $100. Aside from the sunnies and bag below, after the jump, I can say this outfit was put together for around $100.

I sometimes get scoffed at buying stuff at Forever 21, but really, I just see it as shopping smartly; especially for fashion trends that come and go every season. I don’t have to worry about keeping up with fashion trends when I can spend a fraction of the price at Forever 21 versus high-end stores. I’ve purchased F21 items in the past that are still worn today and even have some items, such as the skirt & blouse below, that feel pretty sturdy enough to last for awhile.

Also FYI, I do get overwhelmed in the store, so I typically always shop online with them. The best part is that I can return to F21 via mail within 30 days and still get my money back versus returning them in store within 14 days and exchange only. Paying a small fee for shipping beats in-store policy any day.

Outfit Price Breakdown:

F21 Striped Cardigan – $14.50 (similar)
F21 Peter Pan Collar Shirt – $17.80
F21 Red Classic Skirt – $17.80

Subtotal (without accessories): $50.10

Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps in Navy – $36.15 on sale
F21 necklace (old) – $6.80
H&M bangles – $3
Knot ring (ebay) – $5.99

Total (with accessories): $102.04

So you can see that after counting accessories, it’s just a tad over $100, which is still doable in my opinion. I hope this post helps you in seeing that you can create work outfits and still look professional without breaking the bank. Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Love the red skirt and b/w top! Great job on the challenge! 🙂

  2. @Really Petite thanks and great challenge! =)

  3. That red skirt is great!

  4. Great job! If one of your pieces was just $2 less, then you would have been able to complete an entire outfit – accessories included for $100 or less :p

  5. @Really Renata thanks!
    @CynthiaC lol, i know! so close

  6. I am so in love with my red F21 skirt too…I can’t help but go there a lot because just like you why waste money on things that are a trend. 🙂

  7. Your outfit is so chic and budget-friendly! I am sad I missed those gorgeous navy pumps when they were on such a great sale. They look great on you!

  8. @elvi thanks and yes, my thoughts exactly! =)
    @Tam thanks and I got lucky! definitely being on top of twitter updates help =P

  9. What’s $2, right? 😉 I have a love/hate relationship with F21. Hate it when I get overwhelmed with having to sort through racks and racks of clothes to find gems, but completely over the moon when I do find that one piece that will last me for years. Great outfit!

  10. @Cee lol, yep since you’re spending $100 already =P i do get overwhelmed in the store, hence I get alot of my stuff online. the good thing is that you can return f21 for money back when you mail back items vs. the exchange only in store.

  11. Wow amazing! I don’t think the return policy for F21 is that great for us in Canada which is why I have never shopped online with them but I am also too overwhelmed in the store!

    YOu did such a great job, just over $100 WITH accessories?!?

  12. Such a great look – I love the red skirt with the stripe cardi! You are so beautiful!

    My 2nd time joining PFC and I still love seeing everyone’s outfit. Please check out my outfit too if you have the time, thanks!

  13. @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) thanks! oh that stinks for Canada then which I don’t blame you for that.
    @just tututiny aww, thank you!! will do! ^_^

  14. We’re doing a similar look for this challenge =) Love that red skirt!

  15. @PetiteLittleGirl lol, that’s awesome! everyone should have a red skirt in her closet. ^_^

  16. Wow! i like the color combination of the clothing that she wears. It makes her smart and charming to look at. (^_^)