Odds & Ends: TJMaxx, Bon Chon & Girl Scout Cookies

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I think I was pretty productive, but still need to kick my butt in gear on few things that I’ve been lagging behind. Anyways, let’s get on with this update. ^_^

  • Chose my new frames after 4-5 years of the old one. This time I definitely want to choose something that I love versus something that hubby would be okay with – lol.
  • Went to TJMaxx to return something and happened to mosey towards the shoe section. I typically don’t find anything there due to size limitations, but was surprised to see these two pairs in my size. Took one of them home with me. =) I’d have to thank Khatu for posting one of her previous photos from TJMaxx, otherwise I would have no idea that the stores have a designer corner selling items for much less. May be one of my new fave places to shop now. =)
  • Went for our little dinner date with Linda and we both thought of Bon Chon – lol. It’s been awhile, old friend – nom nom nom.
  • I usually have to chase these girl scout cookies down, but found that the girls were selling right where we were having brunch. Scored three boxes; 2 Tagalogs and 1 Samoas. Brought one of each into work, so that I don’t have to eat them all. =P
  • Went for brunch Sun morning at Cafe Deluxe. Originally, still wanted to try out Founding Farmers, but we woke up too late and their brunch ends at 1pm. With an hour wait, we decided to go elsewhere. Again.

Well, that’s it girls! Have a wonderful Monday! Lots of posts coming up this week, so stay tuned. ^_^

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