Odds & Ends: Love Ring, Nail Polish Deals, & Bloomies

Every weekend I swear gets busier than the next. I am glad though that I’ve been keeping up with weekend updates on this blog. I feel this week will be just as busy but this past weekend, I:

  • Went to UPS to pick up my ring – more details to come later!
  • Stopped by CVS to pick some more of the Revlon’s Colorstay nail polishes and saw they were having a BOGO sale! Also, bought a whole bunch online as well so will have a huge nail polish haul once I get my orders in.
  • Picked up this cute little snaggletooth mutt, Leo, to petsit him for the night for a coworker.
  • Met up with MayMayCoffee and her friend, Monica, while they are visiting DC. Took them to amazing Korean BBQ, of course, and dessert later. =)
  • Had brunch with bunch of college friends at a new-to-me place in Rockville. So freaking good – will definitely go back again.
  • Went to Bloomies nearby since someone at brunch told me they were closing the store down to build townhomes. Didn’t find too much though.
  • Was contemplating this Theory blazer in 00, but even after 30% off of retail price, sale was not enough to purchase.

That’s it! Another weekend passed and already ready for the next one – lol. Hope you all have a great Monday!

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