Revlon’s ColorStay Nail Enamel Review & 11-Day Challenge

While looking through the new product section at CVS, I noticed these Revlon’s Colorstay nail polishes that come in 16 beautiful shades. When looking at the promo display, this product touts that you could get up to 11 days of wear out of these polishes, so I thought why not put that to the test.

revlon's colorstay

There is a small disclaimer saying that these nail polishes work best with the Revlon’s colorstay top and base coat, but I want to see what happens without. Results below in color Delicious.

Final Thoughts:

From photos above, I’d say I would be able to wear this nail polish for a good five days without top or base coat (itching to take this polish off after day 6! =P). So I can imagine the polish lasting twice as long with the base and top coat. I love the shine the nail polish gives off as well as the thickness of the solution; after two coats, you get true to color. Overall, I wouldn’t mind going back to get a few more of these, as if I need anymore nail polishes. =P

Have you girls try these nail polishes and what have you thought about them? Any fave colors?

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  1. The Revlon quality is definitely very good and the colors are also striking.I like the purple and the orange from the range.mineral foundation

  2. @Afterglow Cosmetics definitely – love how these colors shine!