Odds & Ends | NYE Festivities & First Day of 2012

  • Was invited to my friend’s NYE potluck dinner, so I made some Asian-style sliders for the event. Saw this recipe one night while hubby was flipping through channels and landed on this show called “Easy Chinese: San Franciso” with Ching-He Huang teaching us how to cook Asian food. Always love learning from others, especially from someone who has an awesome British accent after growing up in London as a child, before moving to San Francisco permanently. =P Check out full recipe post here.
  • Taiwanese friends visited from London and ask us to take them to best Chinese food in area, so we went to my favorite place in MD on the first day of 2012. They went a little crazy ordering the food. =P
  • Afterwards, headed to DC and checked out some landmarks. =P
  • Wonton Soup is my go-to dish for late night eats – mmm.
  • Got my fortune cookie that showed great words to live by and believe in. More and more people should do the same.

That’s it! Hope your first day of 2012 was eventful! It’ll be another busy day before heading back to work tomorrow – oy. Happy Monday all!

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  1. I didn’t know that Ching-He Huang moved to San Fran! I thought she still lived in London – she does shows for the BBC! Learn something new every day! I love her cooking!

  2. @Jamilla Camel that’s awesome! glad I bumped into her recently – lol. she has such an awesome, cute personality =)