Odds & Ends: Food Fun & Fashion Score

  • Met up with an old friend at Viet Taste in Eden Center, since she had a livingsocial deal. Introduced her to “bo luc lac” which I tried out on a recipe here. =)
  • After brunch, took little to convince my friend to come w/ me to J. Crew store 15 miles from us, so I can pick up the honeycomb sweater in bright dahlia on hold. =P Not sure how long the additional 40% off sales items will last in store, but for $24 on these sweaters, it was too good of a deal to pass up.
  • Was waiting for our reservation to Season 52, so decided to browse around West Elm & saw these cactuses. Can you believe that I actually killed a cactus once bc I watered it too much? Also kill plants in general bc I don’t water them enough. No green thumb here!
  • Desserts at Season 52 are da bomb! Especially at 200 or so calories per bite. Also try the flatbreads there; they are just as good. This restaurant changes its menu 4x per year and also touts that each dish is less than 400 calories – yay for some light eats! =)
  • Start of a great Sunday is with dim sum hands down anytime. =)Hubby took the first shrimp dumpling b/4 I was able to grab a pic – lol!

Hope you all had a great weekend and here’s to another Monday.

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