Odds & Ends – Drugstore Picks, SpicyCandyDC & Concert

Hello everyone! This weekend has been quite busy for me and also might I add, one freaking COLD one at that. So with that said, let’s get on with the update! =)

  • Trying out one of Revlon’s ColorStay nail color in Delicious – supposed to last 11 days – we shall see about that =P
  • Also picked up two colors (Nourishing Nude & Caring Coral) from L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lip Balm – def more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick with its sheer applications
  • Went to SpicyCandyDC’s brunch celebrating their 2-yr anniversary with a few fashion bloggers in the area. They had each of our photos individually sketched out and printed – how cool was that?!. My sketched outfit was when I was in SF. We kept one copy for ourselves and signed the other for them to keep.
  • Brunch was held at El Centro DF, which was Mexican and brunch all wrapped into one and it was de-li-cioussss. A must-try if you’re in the DC area
  • After that, had my choral concert Sat night and Sun late afternoon. Hubby was late to my Sun concert due to football – SMH, but saw my coworker/friend and former boss there at the concert, so that was pretty cool. ^_^

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and who’s excited for Chinese New Year this coming w/e! That reminds me, I need to clean before I leave for Philly Friday night, but then again, hubby will come back Sat night from Chicago and mess it all up again. Hmm, which means I will have to clean again Sunday before CNY Monday – oy. With that said, Happy MLK everyone! Unfortunately I am working today but hope everyone is having a great day so far! =P

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