A Chanel Gift Surprise & Search Continues

This post has been quite delayed since my last mentioned here when hubby surprised me with a gift prior to Philly xmas weekend. That will be explained later down the post, but first a little back story of that night he surprised me, which was definitely a total surprise. For one; he had prepped me prior to going to Chicago for his MBA that we should save more; therefore, no gift-giving, and two; he was never much of a traditional gift-giver during the appropriate times. 

Gifts are rare and far between with him, which after all these years, I have accepted that from him. For example, I have hinted, many times prior, for flowers to be sent to the office during Vday, after seeing all the ladies there receiving theirs. After four years there with my last company, I never did receive one. Plus, he always told me that I ruined surprises for him and he never wanted to do anything that was the norm. Anyways, back to the story and fair warning – this could be a long one, but I wanted to recall every detail that happened that night, so I could look back on this later on. =)

So, it was a Thursday night and every Thursday night, I have choir practice, which hubby knew that I leave from work straight to practice. He called me that afternoon asking me to come home early for a special treat. I asked him, “is this special treat something to eat or something to wear?”, just to prepare myself and not get my hopes up. =P (Hubby always likes to trick me into getting excited over nothing. For some reason, he gets a kick out of that – LOL.) Anyways, he wouldn’t tell me for awhile, until eventually he said it was a red velvet cupcake. So, I told him that could wait until I get home to eat it after choir.

So later that night after I got home, I asked him where my cupcake was and he said he ate it! You could probably imagine me saying to him “why on earth would you tell me you got me a cupcake and then eat it too?!” Oh hubby. Anyways, I didn’t really care since it was late and that would be the last thing I need to eat that night. =P Instead, I had to wrap all the gifts before Philly trip next day and started wrapping them. 

With my head looking down at the gifts, I was saying to hubby, “it would be nice, you know, if you got me something small to open with the rest of the family. I got you something small to open.” (I pretty much say this to him every xmas, since around this time, he’s usually your typical scrooge and would scoff or mumble under his breath and pretend I didn’t say anything.) This time, though, he said “I did get something for you.” After hearing that, I looked up from my wrappings with my eyes wide and said “you did?!, where?!” He prepped me by saying that it was something small, but I really didn’t care and was more excited that he actually got me something – LOL. I asked him if he wanted me to save it for Philly where we could open everything together as a family, but he said no and wanted me to open my gift that night. I was puzzled and looked at him strangely, but hey, can’t blame a girl for wanting to open her gifts early!

Then, hubby handed over a wrapped box to me and I had to laugh a little, because first, I’ve never seen him wrap anything – ever, and second, he wrapped the box, imperfectly perfect, in one of my leftover wedding wrapping papers instead of the holiday ones. Anyways, with a huge grin on my face, I started unwrapping the gift and when I saw the VS box, I exclaimed, “this gift is not for me, it’s for you – LOL!” Then I thought to myself, maybe this was why he wanted me to open it early and not amongst the family members. He started laughing and didn’t say anything. 

Then, I lifted the lid and looked down to see a small Chanel box peering through the pink tissue papers. At that point, I started bawling, because I knew what it was before I opened it. (Just remembering back on that night makes me all teary-eyed again) I seriously didn’t think hubby was going to get me anything for xmas, let alone anything from Chanel. I’ve been hinting wanting a Chanel wallet since last year, but he always told me that I don’t need one. True, but that didn’t stop me from hinting every once in awhile – lol. The funny thing was, earlier that day, he enlisted the help of my friend Linda to find out if I had told her which Chanel wallet I wanted to get. She didn’t remember which wallet, but had remembered that I wanted something in red.

Well, hubby couldn’t really decide on which type of wallet and bought a red large one as a placeholder for me. Knowing me, he knew that we would go back to the Chanel store and pick out a wallet together. The large wallet was the perfect shade of red, but unfortunately, I didn’t prefer the checkbook holder as part of the wallet. We did end up returning the wallet after going through several stores to see what they had in their collection, which was the main reason why this post has been delayed until now. I was hoping to find something by then and put it all in this post, but unfortunately, nothing really jumped out at me.  

The contenders above: too small, too shiny or too blingy

Also contemplated on getting a WOC but not sure on this gold color

When we walked out the store afterwards, hubby joked and said that was the easiest xmas gift ever where he walked away with money back in his wallet – LOL and SMH. So my search continues on and hoping the Spring collection brings promising colors and style to the stores; I’m actually leaning towards an eggplant purple long wallet on Chanel website.

As some of you may know, hubby is always the practical one and wants to save money whenever possible. So knowing that he got me the Chanel wallet, especially when we are saving for his MBA education, meant so much to me. I’m in no hurry to find a replacement; if it happens, it happens. But things like this makes me appreciate him more as my hubby and cherish every gift he gives me, no matter how small or big.

Although hubby doesn’t shower me with gifts every vday, bday or even xmas, there have been special random moments when he did, from the very beginning of our relationship in 2002 until now, that I will always keep logged away to memory. These cherished memories are what set hubby apart from other guys out there and I am never more happy that he chose to be my anchor and soulmate – as cheesy as that may sound.

Wow, that was a long one, huh. If you actually made through to here, bravo! I hope you enjoyed the story and thanks so much for reading!

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  1. love it!!! so beautiful, i actually love the gold color 🙂

  2. Fabulous! It’s so wonderful!

  3. That was really sweet of him. 🙂 I hope you find your dream wallet soon!

  4. Aww thats adorable though! 🙂

    <3 Kelly

  5. @Ke hehe, still undecided on which to choose! hopefully I’ll find one soon enough.
    @Jamilla Camel hubby can be sweet when he wants to be!
    @reene thanks! =)
    @thekellytang hehe, he has his moments ^_^