Odds and Ends: Buffalo

Here’s another weekend update – went to Buffalo to visit the in-laws so from left to right:
  • Was in the 20’s, so found these cow-looking slippers around the house and wore them to keep my feet warm. Don’t they look like reindeer though? =P
  • Hubby’s parents get influx of magazines coming to the house for no reason, so caught up on the fashion trends =)
  • Stomach’s always full from MIL’s amazing home-cooked meals, some of which I have learned hoping to create some more recipe videos on my cooking channel
  • FIL and most of his family members all either know how to play the piano or give lessons – one of my life goals is to learn how to play someday.
  • Bought two homey scented candles (home-made cookies and frosted cupcakes from Bath and Body Works along with a ribbon candle holder

That’s it! I hope you had a lovely weekend and also 6 days till Christmas!! Need to start wrapping the gifts and head out to Philly this weekend. =) Thanks so much for reading!

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