First Impression: Heatless Curls with Japanese Sponge Rollers

As seen in my latest OOTD, my hair was curled using these heatless sponge rollers called “Lucky Trendy Fuwakushu Hair Curlers” that I picked up from Imomoko. They were inexpensive at $5.99 and I wanted to see what type of curls I would get from them. After sleeping in them for the night, I was surprised to wake up and see that the rollers still stayed in my hair without unwrapping.


I’d definitely recommend adding some mousse to the hair prior to using the rollers, so that you don’t wake up with any frizziness. I did end up using most of the three packs and separating the hair into thin strands. For more of a looser curl, just separate your hair into thicker strands and that should give you a different look.

Using this heatless curl method will save me time on days that I know I will be doing a tutorial and can prep the hair the night before. Also the less heat you add to your hair, the more healthier and shinier your hair will be. Hope you girls enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. You have amazing hair!

  2. Your hair is sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! =D

  3. wow that looks pretty good for heatless curls!

  4. Hi, i bought the same hair curlers from sasa and when i did it your way my hair was MASSIVE!! 😀 so i did vertical strands instead of horizontal and i found it worked and looked more natural 😛 ♥

  5. @FallenAngel_8 lol – oh my.. either way should work but the way you unroll makes a diff, I think. when I took the rollers out, i unroll them down vertically. either way, yay for heatless curls =)

  6. Those are awesome curls for heatless curlers! I might try it.

  7. This is a brilliant idea ! It would save me so much time in the morning. Ahh, can’t wait to buy these and try it out myself.

  8. love the curls, Mel!

  9. @dietingfashions def works! =D
    @Winnie tell me about it! sleep and wake up with curls – awesome =D
    @I am Khatu thx girly! =)

  10. I also enjoy and like this economic curling sponge! =) I was thinking it at first how does a sponge can curl my unruly hair but then i thought of buying 2 packs instead of getting a perm wave or curl. After some minutes, it actually curls without even using wax or any thing to hold it for the first time. I was so happy about it cause as you said it will save much time. =) And thanks for suggesting that mousse should be applied first, my hair is kind of frizzy at times! =)