Face-Off: L’Oreal’s Extra Volume Collagen Mascara vs. Lioele’s Carry Me Mascara

Few weeks ago, I tweeted on how I may have found the perfect dupe to my current HG fave – Lioele Carry Me mascara. The reason why I even went out to find a dupe is because whenever I’m close to running out of my fave mascara, I would panic a little inside. Why? Because one question always comes to mind “Can I get the item shipped fast enough to me before my current one runs out?” That was exactly what happened a few weeks ago and I quickly ordered 4 mascaras from Pretty and Cute for backups. In the meantime, I went to a CVS store to see if I could find something to use while I was there. I happened upon the L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara and thought what the heck, I haven’t tried a drugstore brand in awhile and maybe things have changed.

The photos below shows how close L’Oreal matched up to Lioele’s:

Naked Lashes (above)
Lioele – left; L’Oreal – right (below)

As you can see, L’Oreal really lengthens my lashes as well as thickens them a little. Also, I felt the mascara really blackens my lashes too. The Lioele gives me the length and leaves them very feathery and almost natural-like, which is what I love about it. These lashes in the photos were applied with one coat of mascara.

The wand on the right is L’Oreal and left is Lioele. The only downfall I see with L’Oreal is that the brush is pretty round and thick in the middle. I find when using the brush on my lower lashes, I tend to make more mistakes easily. The Lioele’s brush is thinner and curves in the middle, which helps the product distributes evenly across lashes with one stroke and gets into the corners pretty well, so no complaints there.

My lashes above are from the morning and the lashes below are more than 10 hours of wearing the mascaras throughout the day. I can see L’Oreal smudging a little at the corner but honestly, that’s pretty darn good from past ones I’ve tried. And you can see how well the curl still lasted and I didn’t even put any primer on.

The best thing about either of these mascaras is that they wash off pretty well with just facial wash and water. I just massage the facial wash over lashes and gently wash the mascara off. I most always wear waterproof mascara, so it’s a big plus when they can be easily washed off.

Lioele Carry Me Mascara:

Pros: Compact and small to carry anywhere, makes lashes so fluttery and keeps the curl well throughout day without primer


There is one con, which I can also see it as a pro, and that is the tube. Due to the size, which makes it compact and travel-size friendly, it is prone to drying out pretty quickly. However, when it does dry out, it is usually around the 3-month mark, which is typically when you should throw them out. I do admit I cheat on products and use them past the allotted time to throw them out, so having this mascara automatically do it for you doesn’t hurt at all.

L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

Pros: Works very much like Lioele, makes lashes a little thicker and blacker and keeps curl well throughout day without primer. The way to use this mascara is making sure you wipe off any excess product on the wand before applying. This will help you build upon the lashes and reduce clumping.

Cons: Size of tube and wand is a bit too thick and does smudge a tad, but not overly much that I couldn’t live with. With this mascara if not applied correctly, I can definitely foresee major clumping if product is applied too heavy-handed.

Bottom line: I will definitely repurchase the L’Oreal mascara if I ever run out of the Lioele one, which I bought 4 recently to stock up. Target has the L’Oreal mascara with the 2-fer pack for $9.99. I believe I bought mine for the same price. If you want to try the Lioele, feel free to use my code ‘labellemel’ to try free over $25 purchase on PrettyandCute.That’s it! I hope this review was helpful for you girls!

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  1. Oh wow, your lashes are super long 🙂 I know what you mean about using it over 3 months. I do that too. But I have stupid luck, as in when I do NEED to buy things, I don’t have the time to and when I have nothing to buy, I have loads of time so I don’t go shopping….LOL

  2. Your lashes are so pretty and long!! =D They’re both great! I love the Loreal Extra Volume 😀 It’s easy to find in stores so that’s a plus 🙂

  3. @Yin thx yin!! always a catch-22 – lol =P

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes that is def a plus and always be sure to find them on sale! =D

  5. Thanks for the comparison. Both made your lashes look super long but I think lioele’s carry me is my choice. I guess it’s because it made your lashes look super long but it also look natural.

  6. @Huynh which is why I love it so much! however, def good to know that I have another option to go if I ever run out again =D