BF/Hubby Tag – Meet my hubby, Tim

“B” and I have been together since Dec, 2003 but met as friends two years before at Dave & Buster. We dated for awhile before getting engaged May 2007 and married June 21, 2008. It really really took me a loooong time to have him agree to come on video and do this tag with me, so I hope you girls enjoy this.

“B” has always been my anchor and my rock through the ups and the downs. I definitely whole-heartedly believe that we are each other’s better halves and compliment each other so well, as cheesy as this may sound. I want us to be one of those old couples who go for walks together and hold hands and make you go awww. =P Anyways, we had fun filming this and who knows, maybe I can convince him to do another. ;P

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  1. you and your hubs are the cutest!

  2. @mizzsandychau thank you!!

  3. How sweet! Such soulmates!

  4. Super cute! ^_^

  5. The both of you are so cute! (^_^)