Versace for H&M and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn

Looks like I have two things to look forward for the month of November and I absolutely cannot wait for that weekend – actually three if I count my hubby’s bday. Maybe I can convince him to go watch Twilight with me for Sunday matinee to celebrate his bday – I wonder if he’ll go along with that. =P

Twilight’s Breaking Dawn part 1

Then Versace for H&M in stores November 17th. This time I won’t be the last one in store and I definitely hope it won’t be like how Target was during their Missoni launch. I didn’t get the suitcase from my last post on it and I still couldn’t find those flats – le sigh. I was close to finding few left at a Target in Pittsburgh, but unfortunately what was left of the flats in girl’s sizes were too small.

From what I see on the website, here are my picks below. My picks are pretty tamed since I don’t think I can pull off the multi-bright color dresses or pants.

Leggings – $29.95

What about you girls?
Have you picked your favorites yet
and will you be first in line when Versace for H&M launch?

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  1. Hi Mel! I’ve been a lurker who’s been subscribed ever since our mutual friend Amy told me about your blog. Anyway, I love that gold ring, what’s caught my eye from the collection is this:

    I doubt that I’ll get anything though, I previously hauled Missoni for Target and I’m scared of the H&M lines, haha. Please do check out my blog, Thanks!

  2. @jeweliette23 the pink dress is cute altho I still can’t see myself wearing it. oh nice! amy didn’t tell me that she told anyone else about my blog. =P thanks for reading and commenting! =)