Ready for Fall | Oversized Sweater and Purple Pumps

About two months ago, I had tweeted about having to go from the H&M that was near me to another to find this sweater in XS, but the SA in 2nd store placed the wrong sweater in XS on hold – le sigh. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy to have made the trip for naught. Lucky for me though, a week after, I went back to the H&M near me and they had a whole bunch of XS back in stock just hanging out. I bought it with my 20% coupon at the time and took it home with me. However, the Fall temperature didn’t drop until recently and it was the perfect time to take my sweater out for a stroll.

Top: H&M oversized sweater (similar)
Bottom: F21 Moto Contrast leggings
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Colie Pumps (buy)
Bag: Foley & Corinna Bowler Mid-City Tote (buy)
Accessories: Gucci sunglasses, Amrita Singh Cary necklace (buy),
F21 and Jewelmint Payal Belle bracelets, F21 rings (buy)

I paired the sweater over these F21 leggings, which I absolutely adore and they are so different than the usual ones. These are actually pretty good quality and holds the shape well. As for these pumps, I’ve heard plenty of great things on Jessica Simpson’s pumps and how comfortable they were to walk in. I must say, that is definitely all true. And since they are platform-style pumps, the heels are actually at 3 3/4″, which is still pretty comfy to walk in and gives me that added height! What more could I ask for? 😉

I was in Philly over the weekend for a wedding shoot and I have to thank my sister, L, for helping me take photos the next day. Some of the photos needed some focus help, but other than that, I think she did a great job. =)

I hope you all enjoyed this and thank you so much for reading!

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  1. you look gorgeous! love your pumps

  2. @mizzsandychauthank u! =D

  3. OMG I think this is my favorite outfit from you yet =D ITS GORGEOUS!!! from head to toe =D ~

    && the shoes are making me *drooool =D love how the front platform is cut =]

  4. @Stephaww thank u! yes, i was drawn to these pumps bc of the way the platforms were designed =D

  5. this is one chic outfit Mel! Totally digging the pumps!! I am still waiting for the temp to drop here in Cali. I’m getting a lil sick of the summer clothes and last weekend we were still blazin’ at 88 degrees! oh gawd! somebody call the winter gods and wake them up from hibernation!

  6. Great look! Love the proportions!

  7. @?Mishi � la mode? ohh i wish it was 88 degrees! i’m not ready to let go of summer yet =P

    @Jamilla Camel thx girl!