Share the Love Giveaway Winner #1 featuring MrDizzyBubbles

From my last Featured post, I had shared the love with two youtube gurus that I have bumped into and have been loving their videos. On a whim, I decided to hold a ‘Share the Love’ giveaway contest for month of October for my blog-aversary. There are two entries so far, which didn’t surprise me since it was not your typical giveaway contest. But one of the suggestions led me to watch several of her videos and I just love the different aspects that her channel provides. Her videos definitely had me watching one after another till it was way past my bedtime last night! Thanks to Mellie for suggesting MrDizzyBubbles to me! Please email me with your full name and address and let me know if you prefer Amex gift card or MAC gift card.

I’m so glad to be introduced to MrDizzyBubbles, because I just love that she provides such insight into different social issues in society, her HK-style fashion OOTDs and her step “child” Popeye! Not to mention that she is also a canto-speaker as well. I feel we don’t have enough of canto-speakers gurus on Youtube, or at least I don’t bump into that many on there.

It’s funny how MrDizzyBubbles came up with her nick and if you want to know how, you’ll have to watch her videos to find out. =) Although I’ll give you one part of the reason why and that involves bubble tea – my fave!

Anyways to continue on with the giveaway, I still have two slots left for featuring your fave youtube guru for month of October. If you have someone that you love watching on Youtube, feel free to comment below and let me know. If chosen, I will do a feature post of the winner and send you a $20 Amex or MAC gift card – just let me know which one you’d prefer with your comment below.

Simple rules apply to win a featured slot:

1. Must be a subscriber
2. Comment one below
3. Have parent’s permission if under 18 to send you stuff

Thanks and Good Luck!

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for this!! I agree .. There’s not enough canto YT gurus.. Haha ima add her to my subscriptions now. Ty again!!

    You should check out Hysteric Mint’s YT channel .. I think her YT user is peachd0ll? Otherwise you should be able to find the link on her blog at – she has really amazing editing & photography ! Her videos are great too.. Something very unique and alluring :3

  2. I really like watching YouTube videos by lisaeldridgedotcom – she’s very professional, and her videos are really informative. She really knows her stuff!

    I know you only asked for 1 recommendation, but some other YouTube gurus I enjoy watching are: AndreasChoice and JlovesMac1 (love their personality and creativity).