Featured: YT Beauty Guru – ChiChiYaz, Beautifymeeh and Share the Love Giveaway

I barely have time lately to upload tutorials let alone browse around Youtube with so many new beauty gurus springing up. I love how Youtube is such a wonderful platform for all of our creativities combined. Every once in awhile, I’ll bump into a channel that sparks my interest such as these two recently – ChiChiYaz and Beautifymeeh and I’m loving their video so far. The last channel that I found back in April when I found her through StyleHaul was Wendy from Wendyslookbook who still keeps me in awe with her videos. Her personality alone is so endearing, not to mention impeccable fashion taste.

Can you believe she’s a new mum?

Tell me readers, what other Youtube channels have you been loving so far and care to share below?

I’d love to check them out and who knows, they could even be featured. This is my way of sharing the love and building an awesome beauty community that’s more positive than negative. And to do something fun – since this just occurred to me as I’m typing this post – for the month of October, my blog-aversary month, I’m going to hand out $20 MAC gift card to those who suggested a Yt channel in comment section below this post and got picked to be featured. You will know who the winner is when I do the feature post with the YT channels on my blog. =) I’ll choose 2 – 3 depending on the choices offer in the comment section – I haven’t decided yet – could be more. Who knows. I’m kinda winging this contest as I type if you haven’t guessed it by now. =P And if this takes off, I can possibly do another Feature Giveaway again in the future.

Simple rules are:
1. Must be a subscriber
2. Comment one below
3. Have parent’s permission if under 18 to send you stuff

That’s it! Simple and easy – that’s what I like. =) This giveaway will end October 30th at 12MID EST.

Good luck girls!

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  1. Mrdizzybubbles

    I enjoy watching her share it and think it. Very inspirational besides just the beauty part.

  2. I don’t know if this person qualifies. She’s not really a beauty guru. But I like her hair tutorials which are cute and adorable especially for young girls. Her name is
    Cheesie and my most favourite tutorial is the Hair Bow