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Versace for H&M and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn

Looks like I have two things to look forward for the month of November and I absolutely cannot wait for that weekend – actually three if I count my hubby’s bday. Maybe I can convince him to go watch Twilight with me for Sunday matinee to celebrate his bday – I wonder if he’ll go […]

Share the Love Giveaway #2 featuring Peachd0ll

Thanks for those who entered the giveaway, otherwise I wouldn’t have bumped into my last pick and this one as well – Peachd0ll. Her videos are done very well – almost music video-ish and rockish – definitely a different feel than any others I’ve seen on Youtube. Although she doesn’t post much, but it seems […]

Nordstrom & MAC’s Glitter and Ice Collection

What can I say about Nordstrom that I’m sure have been said plenty of times before, but I just wanted to take a moment and provide my own experience since I’ve recently have a new-found respect and love for the store. As you know, Nordstrom only recently have free shipping for any product and dollar […]

Ready for Fall | Oversized Sweater and Purple Pumps

About two months ago, I had tweeted about having to go from the H&M that was near me to another to find this sweater in XS, but the SA in 2nd store placed the wrong sweater in XS on hold – le sigh. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy to have made the trip […]

Elegant Masquerade Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Earlier in the summer, my sisters and my cousin all planned a trip down to New Orleans for some Creole fun. I, unfortunately, had to stay behind due to job change status and hubby’s disapproval of me going. I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t join in on the fun. But my youngest sister, L […]

Share the Love Giveaway Winner #1 featuring MrDizzyBubbles

From my last Featured post, I had shared the love with two youtube gurus that I have bumped into and have been loving their videos. On a whim, I decided to hold a ‘Share the Love’ giveaway contest for month of October for my blog-aversary. There are two entries so far, which didn’t surprise me […]

Summer Edge: Leather Moto Jacket & Ainsley Paisley Top

As you can see, I’ve crossed off moto jacket from my Fall wishlist I posted few weeks back. I’ve also purchased a pair of booties that I haven’t received yet, so that can be crossed off too. The only thing left on the list I haven’t been able to decided on the one I want […]

Featured: YT Beauty Guru – ChiChiYaz, Beautifymeeh and Share the Love Giveaway

I barely have time lately to upload tutorials let alone browse around Youtube with so many new beauty gurus springing up. I love how Youtube is such a wonderful platform for all of our creativities combined. Every once in awhile, I’ll bump into a channel that sparks my interest such as these two recently – […]