Product Review: CARGO Makeup

So I bought this during‘s huge CARGO sale back before summer started where I believe it was half-off or more on their products. That was an awesome sale because I’ve been meaning to try their products for awhile when they were at Sephora before they were discontinued. Funny thing happened yesterday though. I went into JCPenny’s Sephora and lo and behold, there’s a CARGO stand right in front of the store. Did I miss something or was this just a JCPenny’s Sephora-specific? It seems weird though, because the Sephora there carries very different varieties of products compare to the stand-alone stores such as Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skincare line is carried there only. Have you girls gone into one near you and your thoughts of the store?

Anywho, I digress. Onward to the review. I bought two things from the sale and that was the CARGO blu-ray pressed powder (retail $30) and the concealer (retail $28) in light medium.


The powder matched pretty well before I had a slight tan from summer full of wedding shoots. The coverage is pretty good where it’ll cover any red spots I have with a nice, soft finish and doesn’t feel like you have it on. Enough coverage that I’ve even been using it to cover my undereye circles and doesn’t crease. I feel the powder lasts quite long – at least good 3-4 hours before I need to blot my face, which isn’t too bad.


However I do find that it’s not very forgiving towards the pores on and around my nose area. In fact, it seems to magnify them more. I find that I do have to use L’Oreal’s Secret Magic Perfecting base first then the powder to help with that. Also, although the compact has a standard mirror, it’s not as sturdy, because the mirror top broke off the hinge from the bottom. And it doesn’t come with any cosmetic puffs. I like to carry these on-the-go, so it’s nice to have something in case I forget to bring a brush.


I honestly wore this maybe 2-3 times and I can’t say there are any pros to this. When applied, it does dry to a powdery finish.


However, the light-medium was wayyyy to light for my skin, which was hard to believe since the powder was pretty good match. Also, even though it dries to a powdery finish, it’s pretty cakey in my opinion. Plus, I typically do not like applicators where you have to twist or press to get products out, only because; one, you never know how much product is left; and two, the applicators always tend to break easily say if you twist it wrong etc, you’ll end up wasting money on product left unused.

I also have one other product from CARGO that I had purchased the previous year at least before Sephora discontinued the line was the blush in Tonga (retail $28). Apparently, the color was made popular by Jennifer Aniston being one of her fave colors to wear. I picked it up after hearing my dear friend LisaSz09 on Youtube rave about it.


The blush is definitely really soft and easy to apply. It’s definitely a buildable color as well and gives your cheeks the nice soft peachy color. I feel this color is suitable for most skin types and even all seasons. I pretty much love to wear this color all year round. I switch between this and MAC’s mineralized blush in Improvise – another fave color that was a past collection but I was able to find several at a CCO nearby.


I really don’t have any cons on this.


So in conclusion, overall I am still using the powder, but with L’Oreal’s perfecting base. However, I don’t believe I’ll be repurchasing anytime soon since I do have a backup. I may want to try something else after both is done. As for the concealer, no-go for me. Really did nothing for me, so I’m still back on the market looking for the best concealer.

I did hear Lancome’s Teint Miracle Retouch Pen is amazing, but the color I want is sold out at Sephora – boo. The only concern I have is the applicator, but I’m willing to try if the solution is creamy and doesn’t crease.

As for the blush, absolutely hands down a great buy. I did get this full price and didn’t regret it one bit. I still have yet to hit pan on this blush for the amount of time that I’ve used it so much, so I definitely got my money’s worth.

As for a good concealer, has anyone tried either the CARGO products or Lancome’s retouch pen and what do you think of them?

Hope this review was helpful and don’t forget, my giveaway ends this Saturday, Sept 10th at midnight EST, so enter if you haven’t done so yet!

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  1. I’ve never tried their retouch pens before, but I’ve tried the Milani retouch pens and they’re really nice 😀

    I feel the same way about the Cargo HD powders too, they are so magnifying :p

  2. I love Cargo’s eye shadow palettes and Blush!

  3. ughh… i hate when base make up magnifies pores ><

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes oh really, hmmm, i’ll def have to see if I can find that milani retouch pens then

    @Jamilla Camel thanks girl!! I completely forgot about the blush! updated post – haha

    @Steph for sure!! grr

  5. hehe, I like how your cons for the blush is “don’t have any” :p Catalina blush is one of the famous shades 😉

  6. @Catalina haha, mm hmm, I’m gonna need to try that blush then! 🙂