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I’ve never been to Fashion Week ever and truth be told, I didn’t really have the urge to go. One of the main reason for going up was to see my dear friend Bubz coming to NYC who’ve I’ve known for so long via Youtube/Twitter. Since she made the 16 hour trip to NYC, I can definitely make the 4.5 hour trip to meet up. I went into the city Tues night for dinner with Bubz, Wendy and the rest of girls in the area at Landmarc – special thanks to Stylehaul for inviting us all out.

I stayed over the night with Bubz, so I didn’t have to drive back again the next morning. We had brunch at QI studio showing the Fall/Spring collection of QI/Ainsley. It was awesome seeing behind the scenes of Wendy and MM doing their thing – they truly make such a great duo and are so cute together – love them! Hubby doesn’t know this, but I’m secretly prepping him to be like MM – haha. I kid. =P

Next up after the preview, Bubz and I headed over to MoMA to check it out. I must admit going to NYC so many times, I’ve never did get a chance to see the museum. The exhibit had several floors showcasing digital art, photography, sculptures and even modern furniture – pretty cool.

Afterwards, we were pretty famished and I took Bubz to Ippudo – her first Asian restaurant since she’s been in NYC. I had to introduce her to pork buns, because honestly, I haven’t found them anywhere else and they are just so delish!

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel, but hailing a cab during rush hour was nearly impossible, so we took the subway back to midtown. By the time we got back, we had about 10 mins to get ready to head over to the B. Brian Atwood Launch Party. It was great to see all the collections before they come out to the store. I was able to take photos of some of the shoes currently being sold at Saks for Fall. Tina from Bagsnob and Kelly from theGlamourai were there, which I didn’t get to say hi, but it was neat to see them there as well.

Hailing a cab around 8pm also proved to be a nightmare. We tried the subway again, but that didn’t go as planned, so ended up having to walk halfway to the hotel and finally hailed a cab for the rest of the way. Thank goodness I had great company to share this with and couldn’t have ended the night better.

Bubz – thank you for being so true to yourself, so grounded and so silly just as I imagined you would be! I had a great time hanging out with you and hopefully we’ll hang out again sooner than later!! love you!

Wendy – I admired you for your strength, tenacity and abundance of love for all you do. I’m so glad I was able to get to know you through your exceptional taste for fashion, your awesome blog and video (each one leaves my jaw hanging!) and now got to know you a little more in person. Hope we get to hang out again!

I had such an awesome time on this trip and met some awesome girls along the way, so I’m so glad I made the trip up. It was definitely a memorable one and will never forget the experience. Since I’ve gotten a little bit more into fashion as of late, I may even make a point to go to Fashion Week NYC next year. =)

Hope you all enjoyed this.

Much Love,

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  1. You and bubz look like you had a great time! Love love love the shoes you posted!

  2. Great post!! Seems like you had an amazing time with great company and great food. New York is such an amazing city~ I hope to visit there again!…and maybe even attend Fashion Week while I’m at it. ^^

  3. ur a great photographer!! love all of ur photo…^^
    thats company looks so great…
    and the food..oh my…makes me feels hungry..:p

    visit my blog:

    follow me back if u interest..:D

  4. What a wonderful night out! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Kimi x Kimi we had so much fun and the shoes were TDF!!!

  6. @tiffyamai love nyc but prob wouldn’t live there though. it’s def an amazing city and even more so during fashion week!

    @SeVeRuSLoVez thank you! if u want amazing food, nyc is it! =D

    @Jamilla Camel thx girl! i can’t imagine how fashion week is in london! i’m sure it’s fantastic!

  7. sounds like an amazing trip and every minute was well spent =D