Fall 2011 Wish List

I’ve been on a shopping binge these past two months after I told myself I would stop. Mmm hmm – like that ever helped me. =P Anyways I have been purchasing items for Fall as of late and there are still a few that’s escaping me in terms of sizes and price range. I quickly put together this list below, but by all means are not limited to these items. I am just looking for a moto jacket, a nice everyday pair of booties that are comfortable to walk in and an everyday satchel for Fall.

It has definitely been a chore to find a pair of shoes in my size, especially for ones that I like – of course. My feet ranges differently from sizes 5-5.5 depending on shoe types. I always thought my feet was a size 5.5, which I should’ve caught earlier after many attempts on purchasing pumps in size 5.5 and always returned due to a huge gap at the back of the heel. And some of you may know that going even smaller than a 5.5 is almost impossible, because stores either only stock them at sizes 6 and up or the smaller sizes are stocked in limited orders thus get sold out pretty quickly.

As for bags, I really need another satchel-type to carry for Fall since I basically overworked my BCBG bag the past year. It’s almost in tatters as we speak. This is part of the reason why I never wear anything nice on a daily basis. I seriously wear them to death, but hey at least I get my monies worth, right? =P Also I’ve always steered away from leather moto jackets but I gotta admit that the fitted ones give petite frames a nice and edgy silhouette. The only thing is if I’m able to find one in the price range that I like and still looks decent for the price – that’s where the challenge comes in. But on those in-between temp transition from summer to fall, it’s nice to have something that can keep you warm for those chilly nights.

So ladies, what are some of your items on your Fall list to get? I’d love to hear them!

Anyways, I’ve been slacking behind a bit on blogging the past week or so, since I was recovering from some sort of stomach flu after my trip back from Chicago. I was eating everything under the sun, so I have no idea what it was that caused my stomach to be in such disarray the past 2-3 days. Now that I am all good again, I am hoping to edit some videos and photos to post. I hope to get some done tonight, since I have a wedding tomorrow to shoot and heading up to NYC right after and not coming back til Sunday night.

Tomorrow is the start of October – seriously where did September go?! – and it’s another round of wedding seasons. I found out that wedding seasons starts in the spring/summer but doesn’t end til Fall is over for those brides who prefer cooler weather. So this means that I will be shooting weddings back to back weekends until mid-Nov O_O. Thank goodness I filmed a halloween tutorial earlier in the month in preparation for the crazy October month, which I’m hoping to get that edited soon for you all.

Well, that’s it. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Much Love,

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  1. Like you I’m looking for a wearable bootie… I’ve noticed a lot of my shoes have my toes peeping out lol and it’s just not that practical in the fall or winter. So maybe what I should be look for is shoes that cover my toes lol

    Glad you’re feeling better =] I love weddings… but it’s been awhile since i’ve last been to one… it’s always so nice to see ppl in love ~

  2. I’m saving up for our trip to Hawaii, so no new Autumn clothes for me!

  3. @Steph haha, yea i’ve been staying away from peep toe booties bc really i want them covered during the coldest days of winter! =P

    @Jamilla Camel ooh, hawaii!! that’s a great reason to not get anything for fall! =D