Back to Basics Episode 1: 5 Types of Braid Techniques

When I was young, my mom loved to split my sisters and my hair down the middle and french braid both sides and pin to a bun – haha. I like to call it a traditional Chinese look if you will. So we all sported the same types of braids except my little sister at the time. Sadly my middle sister and I took scissors to her hair at a young age and it wasn’t the nice bob you see in the photo below. I wanted to say it was more like a really jagged, uneven pixie cut – O_O. I remember telling my little sister to go out and ask our mom if she was pretty or not after the haircut. Oh my, our mom let out a big shriek after that. Oh, the things we do at a young age – haha. I like to think my cutting skills have improved much since then. =P

Can you guess which one’s me? =P

Ever since I watched my mom braid our hair, I tried practicing on my own one day and did my first braid before the age of 13. I didn’t actually get more into braids until high school when I started to learn more techniques from a book I bought. I know most of my hair tutorials incorporate alot of braid techniques such as the tutorials here, here, here and here, which I thought would be nice to compile all in one video as a reference if you girls ever need one. I’m sure there are plenty other types of braids that I did not include in this video, but I’m showing you the 5 types that I know: traditional 3-strand braid, 4-strand braid (recently learned new technique), fishtail braid and a dutch braid, which I’ve seen called an inverted or cornrow braid.

I forgot to take photos after each braids so these are screenshots from the video below

Traditional 3-Strand Braid

4-Strand Braid

Fishtail Braid

French Braid

Inverted or Dutch or Cornrow Braid

Few tips I wanted to point out in creating a really nice-looking braids:

  1. For easier braiding, be sure to comb out your hair to start
  2. To keep braids taut, be sure to not loosen your grip when braiding. 
  3. Whenever you add strands to the braid, be sure to keep them tight together 
  4. If you have alot of layers and your ends point out, try to add some mousse products to keep them together. Also use the fishtail braid technique – this will keep your strands closer together to hold all your hair in place. 
  5. For the fishtail braid, the thinner the strands, the prettier the braid will look
  6. Also, if your braid doesn’t come out right the first or second or even third try, keep practicing. You will get better at the techniques. 

Do you wear braids? If so, which types of braids are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them. =)

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Until next time,

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  1. Great techniques! I just need to have longer hair!

  2. Really pretty! I love braids so I will be doing this soon! ^_^

  3. i love braiding! it’s all i know how to do. 🙂 my favorites are the 5 strand and the dutch braid.

    i’m always impressed by your hairstyle tutorials. i’ve never been able to pin my hair up. maybe it’s the bobby pins i use or technique? but it never stays up and just slides right out. it sounds simple, but if you have time maybe you can do a tutorial with some basic updos like a bun, french twist, etc…


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