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Fall 2011 Wish List

I’ve been on a shopping binge these past two months after I told myself I would stop. Mmm hmm – like that ever helped me. =P Anyways I have been purchasing items for Fall as of late and there are still a few that’s escaping me in terms of sizes and price range. I quickly […]

Fashion Week with Bubzbeauty & WendysLookbook + more

I’ve never been to Fashion Week ever and truth be told, I didn’t really have the urge to go. One of the main reason for going up was to see my dear friend Bubz coming to NYC who’ve I’ve known for so long via Youtube/Twitter. Since she made the 16 hour trip to NYC, I […]

Back to Basics Episode 1: 5 Types of Braid Techniques

When I was young, my mom loved to split my sisters and my hair down the middle and french braid both sides and pin to a bun – haha. I like to call it a traditional Chinese look if you will. So we all sported the same types of braids except my little sister at […]

Product Review: CARGO Makeup

So I bought this during‘s huge CARGO sale back before summer started where I believe it was half-off or more on their products. That was an awesome sale because I’ve been meaning to try their products for awhile when they were at Sephora before they were discontinued. Funny thing happened yesterday though. I went […]

2NE1’s Makeup and Updo Tutorial

When I saw this hairstyle while browsing google, I had to do it. It speaks such elegance in the style and yet still very rock-ish with the makeup and jewelry. L pointed out to me while we were having dinner the other day that I was mispronouncing 2NE1’s band name. I apologize in advance for […]

Nordstrom FREE shipping & FREE returns

Yes you’ve heard it right! FREE shipping and FREE returns from Nordstrom from here on out! That’s music to my ears! L brought it up last night over dinner and I was super excited over hearing it. Oh also if you didn’t know, L had announced her new blog so go check her out if […]