Lust or Must-Haves: Louis Vuitton Crocodile "PM" Clutch

So I’m bringing this back from my fashion blog that I had co-wrote with my friend earlier this year. Due to both our hectic schedule, we decided not to continue the blog, although that didn’t stop us from calling each other up and talking about our fashion finds. =) However, L may be starting her own one some time soon – not sure when she’ll announce it on MySassyStyle though.

Anywho, I found this from BagSnob’s site back in May, which was left as a draft on fashion blog and haven’t posted. Since I’ve decided to go ahead and add fashion into this blog, I thought to include this post. Seriously though, I am absolutely drooling over this and adding it to my lust-have list. I have never been much of an LV fan, except when they introduced the Mahina in Large that I absolutely LOVE. On a side note, hubby and I tried to find this when we were in Paris last May and it was of course sold out everywhere – le sigh. Instead, we headed over to Chanel to see what damage we could do there, hence was how I came home with the Reissue Large. I did bargain with hubby on this one – had to say that I won’t ask for any gifts from him for rest of my life except if he were to give me one, I’d gladly accept. ^_^ It was the right choice at the time, but now looking back, not sure if it would be five years down the road. =P

But I digress. If LV keep this up, I could quickly become a fan. The diamond-encrusted cuff bracelet attached to the clutch is genius as a ‘wristlet’ – very practical yet stylish at the same time! Looks great on Leighton Meester – don’t you think?

Girls, what do you think of this clutch – lust or must?

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