2011 Fall Fashion Trends

So far skimming quickly over several searches, there are three key Fall fashion items I would carry into my wardrobe if I haven’t already.

1. Choker necklaces and cuff bracelets: Statement necklaces have been all the rage past year with bibs or chunky necklaces so seeing choker necklaces and/or cuff bracelets on the scene seems natural enough. You definitely want to be careful with certain pieces and try to keep choker necklaces simple and chic, otherwise it can look overbearing on your neck.

2. Pleats: I love love love pleats and have been on a lookout for a blouse with pleated collars, but have no luck so far. Although pleated skirts are so flowy and very romantic to wear. Having one or two in your wardrobe will definitely give it that soft feminine look for Fall.

3. Burnt color: Burnt anything always reminds me of Fall so this seems to “fall” right into place – no pun intended. I am loving the burnt orange and reds for fall as the pop of color for accessories.

Among the rest were bell bottoms, wide-leg pants, plunging neckline, fur clothing, women’s tuxedo, sheer maxi dresses and leather harness accessory. I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear a plunging neckline or leather harness accessories – bell bottoms maybe =P. Although I feel being a little over 5 feet tall, I will drown in bell bottoms – haha.

Tell me girls, which of these fashion items would you adapt into your wardrobe ready for Fall?

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  1. Definitely will work in the burnt colors, but no on the womens tuxedos.. NO WAY JOSE!

  2. yes to burnt oranges. been wearing my burnt orange j brand skinnies to death and it’s still summer!

  3. @– susy – haha – yeah I’m not quite sure with the womens tuxedo. =P

    @Jiyoonie I’ve been getting into orange lately too! Can’t wait to put some outfits together for Fall =)