DOA: Dead or Alive – Devon Aoki as Ninja Princess Aoki

It’s funny where I get my inspirations sometimes. Like this one for instance out of my laziness to find the remote and change away from the latino channel – the spanish version of Dead or Alive came on and the first scene that I saw was Devon Aoki as the Ninja Princess Katsume in this gorgeous updo ready for fight. =P After seeing the hairstyle, I knew I had to do it. It’s just so simple and yet so elegant that it’s perfect for any lovely occasion out.

I started off the first part of the tutorial from hairstyle similar to Cinthia on eBeautyblog inspired by Jennifer Lopez. Then I finished it off with a teased bun near the top of the base

If you want to see how this is done, continue watching the video!

I always thought Devon Aoki had that really special look to her and my thoughts didn’t change with this movie. I definitely want to rent the english version now after seeing the latino one for a short time – had to finally turn it off since I couldn’t understand a word – Ha! Too bad Netflix didn’t have any online for streaming – blah.

Hope you all enjoy!

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