4 Ways to Wear Your Hair for Back to School

Ah, alas the summer is waning and I can instantly feel the coolness of Fall seeping in. It’s almost like clockwork every year and of course, around this time of year, students are heading back to school including my hubby. He’s recently got accepted into an awesome MBA program at U. Chicago where he’ll be flying every w/e there for their full MBA program on weekends – crazy I know. This will be going on for the next 2.5 years – oh joy. Although I will be visiting Chicago towards the end of Sept to check hubby’s school out as well as hanging out with my college friend there. This will be my second time there so can’t wait to see what has changed or not.

Anywhoodle, my voice has gotten way better than yesterday where it was barely audible. I still couldn’t really talk through the tutorial without coughing my brains out, so I went ahead and edit this tutorial quickly and added subtitles. I wanted to be sure I have it ready in time for Back to School.


This took quite some time to put together as well as editing the video to a decent time, so I hope this was helpful to those who need ideas for school. Also I did film another tutorial that needs editing, but I will need to wait till my voice gets better before I do a voice-over. As always, don’t forget the 10K YT Giveaway – enter if you haven’t done so!

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  1. You have such awesome hair!! 🙂 I love all four of those styles! Wow, he’s going to be flying every weekend?! Busy!

  2. You are SUCH a hair artist! Amazing!